Did you see us on national television? Howl at the Moon Hollywood made a special appearance on NBC’s sitcom “Up All Night,” starring Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in the episode titled “Week Off.” Can you think of a more perfect place to have an afternoon liquid lunch meeting than our dueling piano bar? Neither could we. Click on the picture to watch.

You couldn’t pay most of our guests a billion dollars to get on stage and rap alongside our dueling piano players. But this Houston honey made Travie McCoy proud with her “rap”dition of “Billionaire.” She had the whole crowd howling with her at Howl at the Moon in Houston.  Check her out!

We officially declare the bragging rights to our rising star, Houston dueling piano player, Joi Keeling. Our talented player debuted her inner diva and her incredible music mixology skills in her “Super Mash Up” remix where she covered music from all of the top 20 pop charts of 2011. Check out her music video below. Her goal is to surpass one million views and we want to help make her dreams come true. Let’s play hot potato with her video, watch it and then please pass it on!

This Valentine’s Day, Howl at the Moon is celebrating the break up. We’re toasting to the losers that you let go and drinking to the ones who continue their search for the right one. Our 6th annual Love Sux event will take place on Saturday, February, 11th for all of our dueling piano bar locations except for Boston, which will take place on Tuesday, February, 14th.

This is the biggest anti-Valentines Day party for both singles and couples and we’re planning on making it our most unforgettable one yet. Our live dueling piano show will be rockin’ out to whatever anti-love song your heart desires.

And our drink specials are sure to set the mood for the evening. Come, sip on an X-Boyfriend cocktail (made with X-rated Fusion Liqueur, vanilla vodka and juices) while talking to your potential next boyfriend.  Or commiserate over a Bad Romance Bucket made with Skyy Vodka while letting your inner Lady Gaga out.

Maturity when it comes to Valentines Day is overrated. We encourage you to bring in a mutilated picture of your ex for special offers.  Games will be played throughout the night including frozen t-shirt contests, and a waist-shaking buckets and balls race. When you publicly declare that Love Sux, anything can happen.

Sign up for a chance to win a Luv Sux Party – Click Here.

For full details, please visit our location sites:

Be the Bartender

Michael Yates —  December 22, 2011

Calling all mixologists, bartenders and alcohol enthusiasts! Help us create our newest bucket of booze for February. We’re looking for an original drink with an awesome name to help quench the thirst of Howl at the Moon fans everywhere! Click here for inspiration. The drink must include Skyy Vodka and be red. The winner will bask in the glory of getting a shout out on our marketing material and a $50 gift card to Howl.

*all entries must be 21+

This contest has ended. Thanks for playing!

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with the ones you love- family, friends, and dear cubicle mates. While you’re toasting the night away, we want to make sure you have a safe ride home. The only gift we ask from our loyal Howlers is you promise there will be no holiday drunk driving. In exchange, we’re giving you holiday driving tips. Here’s a list of local car and taxi services. Please use it wisely. It’s our number one New Years Eve party tip. We don’t want any New Years Eve drinking and driving either. So, let’s raise our glass to Santa’s little cars and cabs.

Tickets are still available for NYE party, but they won’t last long. Click here to for your location.

Safe Driving Alternatives for the Holidays

Yellow Cab of Baltimore
FREE Tipsy Taxi
1-877-963-TAXI (rides exceeding $50 will be paid by the riders themselves, must be 21 or older).
American Limousines
www.amerlimo.com or call 410-522-0400

Metro Cab
Boston Party Tours


Boston Limo Service



FREE MBTA Service after 8 PM on Friday December 31st


Yellow Cab of Charlotte


Crown Cab Charlotte


Silver Fox Limos




Yellow Cab Management




Chicago Limo 24h



CTA Penny Rides

Anywhere in the city from 8PM to 6AM on Saturday on New Years Eve and New Years Day http://www.transitchicago.com/news/default.aspx?Archive=y&ArticleId=1876


Yellow Cab of Los Angeles


Hollywood Town Car and Limousine



Nightlife Transport




Houston New Year’s Eve Limo’s


Yellow Cab Houston Taxi Service


Taxi’s Fiesta



Yellow Cab of Indianapolis


Class One Mini Bus & Trolley


Indy Limo Service


Kansas City

Yellow Cab


FREE Trolley Rides- Kansas City Strip


Custom Limousine Inc.




AAA Taxi Cab Co


Ready Cab


Aztec Limousine




Taxi Service


Limo Service

(612) 799-2899




Orlando Yellow Cab


Rent the Party Bus



Orlando Limo Suv



San Antonio

Yellow Cab


San Antonio Taxi


Big Time Limo’s



We were honored and to be honest totally stoked to host “Sailor Jerrys Badass Bartender Finals” at our Howl at the Moon in Boston. It’s not everyday you get to get entertain Sailor Jerry and his bartending first mates.  Check out the finals.

Meet Kevin Gale. He was so good at howlin’ at our Kansas City Howl, we felt it was only fair to share him with Minneapolis. He’s always ready to get the party going “LMFAO” style. He knew he had found a home at Howl at the Moon when he, “saw Dean Laber make sweet love to a guitar on stage.” His music idol is Paul McCartney and dreams of one day performing at the playboy mansion. And don’t even think about asking him to play without his…. Muscle Milk? Everyone has their quirks. His only request for our howlers is, “Party rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time.”


Location: Minneapolis

Name: Kevin Gale

Years at Howl at the Moon: Three years

What’s the worst song request you’ve ever gotten?  “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Who is your music idol? Paul McCartney.

What song can you play over and over again? Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO – it’s a classic.

What song do you wish you didn’t have to play over and over again? Any Coldplay song.

Who would you want to face in a head to head dueling piano battle? Jason Irvin.  He’s a dueling piano player I work with in Kansas City, and I could beat him any day any time at the piano.

What is your favorite prop on stage?  Don’t you mean instrument?  This isn’t Prop at the Moon.

Finish this sentence.  I cannot perform without my … MUSCLE MILK and HGH.

If you could perform anywhere in the world (ANYWHERE!) where would it be?  The Playboy Mansion.

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer?  The first time I saw Dean Laber make sweet love to a guitar.

Finish this sentence.  Music makes the world a better place because … music brought us real stars like Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery.

“Howlers meet Jon,”  “Jon meet your fans….”

Jon is brand new to our Howl family and we’re psyched to have him! The first time he knew his office had to be on stage was when he heard Debussy & Chopin from inside his mom’s womb. Fun fact, he has played at the Howl at the Moon before, but it was in Singapore.  He’s also immune to the Bieber fever. In fact, he liked to take Justin Bieber aka “Beebz” on in a piano duel. That’s one fight we’d like to see. He believes music makes the world a better place because …without music the world would be depressed and explode : )

So please do yourself a favor and come out and enjoy his music, so you don’t explode (no pressure…)

Questions for Entertainers

Location: Minneapolis

Name: Jon Li

Years at Howl at the Moon: 0 (this will be my first official position with Howl At the Moon, although I did perform for several months at the “Howl At the Moon” in Singapore in 2009 and have been freelancing gigs around the US and on cruise ships throughout the past couple of years)

What’s the worst song request you’ve ever gotten? Spongebob Squarepants for $40 (I’m not complaining, but wow…)

Who is your music idol? Ben Folds, Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder

What song can you player over and over again? Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G Minor / I’m On a Boat

What song do you wish you didn’t have to play over and over again? Sweet Caroline

Who would you want to face in a head to head dueling piano battle? Justin Bieber

What is your favorite prop on stage? Justin “Beebz” Bieber (he is a rubber ducky who lives off the “food” my tip jar and starts to sing whenever he gets hungry…)

Finish this sentence. I can’t perform without my… face.

If you could perform anywhere in the world (ANYWHERE) where would it be? don’t care, as long as I get to be with my beautiful fiancé (soon to be wife)… but seriously, Wembley Stadium or Madison Square Garden.

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer? when I heard my mom playing Debussy & Chopin from inside of her womb

Finish this sentence. Music makes the world a better place because… …without music the world would be depressed and explode

Howl at the Moon Minneapolis, the 14th location in the Howlin’ family, will be opening on Friday, December 9th. Howl at the Moon, The World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano Bar, has locations from Hollywood, Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans to name a few and is ready to open it’s first location in Minnesota.

The Grand Opening weekend includes a variety of  parties and even a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce at 5pm on Friday, December 9th.

Tickets are sold out for the Friday VIP event (however doors open to the public at 6), and tickets are still available for Saturday’s party. Come celebrate by RSVPing to to the event with hosted drinks, free food, and the first peek at their nationally acclaimed dueling piano show by going to the link below.


Located in the Warehouse District next to Brother’s Bar and Grill, Howl at the Moon will accommodate over 300 people and have an extensive food menu including bar favorites such as nachos, buffalo wings, and even a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns! To top off the crazy food, Howl at the Moon boasts some of the country’s most creative cocktails including jumbo jell-o injectors, 24 oz bone drinks (portion of each “Pink Paradise” bone cocktail sold goes to breast cancer research), and 86oz buckets of booze.

For more information, please visit


For media inquiries, contact Michael Yates – m.yates@howlatthemoon.com

Tucker vs Gaga- it’s on!

Michael Yates —  November 17, 2011

Lady Gaga dare to duel with our entertainer Melia? Gaga may use meat as a costume, but Melia uses men as her prop. She first heard her calling in the 80’s while watching a tribute to Sammy Davis. And thank god she did because her music is what keeps her sane. At Howl we pride ourselves on hiring fun, interesting people. Basically, we hire the kinds of people you would want to hangout with. If you’d like to work at the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano then click here. Every week we will showcase a different employee. This week meet our entertainer at the Howl at the Moon in Baltimore, Melia, the woman who is the center of our stage.

Location: Baltimore

Name: Melia A. Tucker

Years at Howl at the Moon: 1 year

What’s the worst song request you’ve ever gotten? Anything Katy Perry!!

Who is your music idol? Christina Aguilera

What song can you player over and over again? “You and I” by Lady Gaga

What song do you wish you didn’t have to play over and over again? “S & M” by Rihana

Who would you want to face in a head to head dueling piano battle? Lady Gaga

What is your favorite prop on stage? The guys…all of “em”…shh

Finish this sentence. I can’t perform without my….cell phone!

If you could perform anywhere in the world (ANYWHERE) where would it be? On Broadway

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer? Watching a Sammy Davis tribute in the 80’s

Finish this sentence. Music makes the world a better place because… I wouldn’t be sane without it.