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Happy Casual Friday!

Steph Milovic —  May 31, 2013

This morning, millions of people across America woke up with an extra special feeling inside. A feeling of happiness, hopefulness, and freedom. Why? Yes, the weekend is here and that is something everybody can appreciate. But this feeling isn’t populated by a mere “weekend”. No this feeling is a triumph. This feeling is saying, “No ironing for me! I’m gonna press snooze THREE times!”. This feeling is saying, “I think I’ll show my support for NASA today with this rad tee.” This feeling is saying, “Hey The Man, check out my sweet jorts!” This feeling is…


Yes, today is Casual Friday. Enjoy your comfortable clothes and get ready, because happy hour and the weekendtoo casually and making fashion fails that could spoil this special, special day. Shameful. Please dress responsibly and make sure that whatever you do, you don’t do this:

Casual Friday: I Think You’re Doing It Wrong…

Shirt Fails

We all remember what happened on Casual Friday on The Office…


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When life moves in reverse, it’s down right hilarious and weird. Howl at the Moon put together a list of things you miss when you don’t hit the reverse button.

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Howl at the Moon Louisville to host Industry Night on Monday, April 15th! All industry professionals are encouraged to come and bring a guest free of charge!

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Today is not only President’s Day but also National Drink Wine Day.  Coincidence?  We think not.  In any case it’s reason enough to uncork a bottle (or more) on your day off and indulge yourself. In honor of our Presidents past and present, you deserve it.

DRINK wine day

National Drink Wine AND President’s Day

Come DONATE, sing, dance, and howl the night away as the most versatile and talented musicians perform your favorite songs from the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, and today on pianos, guitars, and more! On Friday, November 16th, Howl at the Moon will be hosting a canned food drive for Gleaners Food Bank during our 5-8pm Happy Hour. Bringing canned food to this food drive will allow you to receive FREE ADMISSION to the bar, while giving back to those in need. Come help us HOWL OUR WAY TO 500 canned food items on November 16th, and party with us all night long.

If you have any questions or want more information on hosting your own Happy Hour party, please contact Mackenzie Hines at 317-955-0300 or at

Howl at the Moon is proud to introduce Mackenzie as our newest Promotions Manager at our Indianapolis dueling piano bar! This “rock star” has been partying at Howl for years and will now make sure you do as well! In need of a happy hour party? Drop her a line at on why you should win one.

Here’s a little more info on Howl’s newest party girl!

Name: Mackenzie Hines

Your favorite Howl at the Moon signature cocktail? Honey Lemonade

How are you going to make Howl at the Moon the place to be for Happy Hour in Indianapolis? Maintaining a high energy atmosphere along with implanting new ideas to bring in new faces and keep familiar faces satisfied!

As a former customer, what was your favorite night to attend Howl? Why? Thursday! Because of how entertaining college night can be! People watching is a must on College Night!

Drink of choice: Bud Light

Shot of choice: Vegas Bomb

Describe your job with 3 adjectives: Challenging, entertaining and sparkling

If you were eligible to “Win a Trip” which HATM location would you like to travel to? Hollywood

Have you been to any other Howl location: Not yet!

Have you ever booked your very own Happy Hour party? Yes, in college I was one of the lucky winners. I even became a Rock Star!!

The Fourth of July is upon us and to some it’s known as the halfway point of summer. To others, it’s a built in vacation day full of fireworks, barbecues, friends, and family. But to everyone living in the US of A, it is our nation’s birthday…and what better way to start the celebration early than jamming out to your favorite patriotic song-requests on the eve before!

On Tuesday, July 3rd, Howl at the Moon will host its annual Red, White, and Brew Bash at all 13 locations nationwide. Among a variety of drink specials, we will be featuring our newly anticipated Wolf Berry Sangria Bucket! I know you don’t know me that well (yet), but trust me when I say, this is seriously our best bucket to date. We had a taste-test in the office one Friday (happy day for sure!) and I could have had an entire bucket to myself, but that wouldn’t be right…or would it? In any case, it is made with Bacardi Wolf Berry, Merlot, a combination of juices, and then chilled overnight with fresh fruit slices. Nom nom nom. It is refreshing and delicious! But please remember to sip with caution…our buckets are made to serve four. :)

In addition to introducing the newest member to our bucket family, we would also like to extend you an INVITATION to host your very own Red, White, and Brew Bash Party for you and up to 100 friends! We decided it is better to celebrate with the masses for this particular holiday and want you all to have the chance to party with your besties on July 3rd. Click here for your chance to win one of our Red, White, and Brew Bash Happy Hour Parties!

Like free stuff? Like us on Facebook for your chance at winning weekly trivia prizes and more JUST for being a fan. :) Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Denver Hollywood Houston Indianapolis Kansas City Louisville Philadelphia San Antonio Orlando

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Be safe and be happy. :)

That’s right! Howl at the Moon – The Dueling Piano Bar that rocks is giving away two summer trips to either Boston or Chicago.

2 Grand Prize Winners will win:
(2) Round trip plane tickets
(3) Nights stay at a hotel close to Howl at the Moon
(1) $100 gift card to Howl at the Moon!

Other prizes include:
Gift Cards
Free Happy Hour parties
Free Table Reservations!


Our two winners can finally be revealed! We’d like to send a big congratulations to Amanda C. from Houston and Jill F. from Chicago! Amanda and Jill will be traveling to Chicago and Boston, respectively. We are excited to show them a howlin’ good time!

We’d also like to send a big thanks to all that participated in our Win a Trip promotion across the country! We are so very thankful for your support. Check back in the winter for our next win a trip giveaway, :)

Cinco De Drinko at Howl!

Michael Yates —  April 13, 2012

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner which means it’s time to pull that sombrero out of your closet (or suitcase for all of you spring breakers), grab your maracas, and Cha Cha your way to the nearest Howl on Saturday, May 5th! We will have Mexican decor and drinks that will have you singing with the mariachi band by the end of the night! From Coronas, 1800 Margaritas, and 86 oz Blue Margarita Buckets-of-Booze (meant to be shared with four or more people), Howl will have all the ingredients for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo fiesta. Our entertainers will be ready and waiting for your requests to rock the party all the way down to Mexico! Check out what your nearest Howl is doing for Cinco!

Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver , Hollywood, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Louisville, Minneapolis, Orlando, San Antonio

Costumes and accessories are not required to party with us but are definitely encouraged! Here are some of our favorite Cinco de Mayo accessories:



If you can’t make it on Cinco de Mayo, don’t you worry; we’ll have the Blue Margarita Buckets available for your enjoyment throughout the month of May! Olé!

Howl at the Moon’s introduction to the Rocky Mountains would not have been such a successful celebration if it weren’t for our incredible Denver dueling piano bar staff. We want to especially thank our promotions manager, Robyn Donnellan. Robyn’s energy, positive outlook and hard work make us the luckiest employers in both the Eastern & Western Hemisphere because she is on team Howl! Thank you so much for all that you do. We want to show our appreciation to Robyn by turning the spotlight on her.
Lights, camera, actions…

Howlers, meet Robyn. Guess what her favorite color is?
Name: Robyn Donnellan
Location: Denver Howl
Years working at Howl? 2 months

What’s your favorite thing about your job? Making the Guests happy, and working with my team here of course!

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Entertainment Tonight or Sports Center Correspondent

What’s the best song you’ve heard our dueling piano players play? Haha.. Derek singing Journey was classic!!

check it out here!

What’s the worst song requests you’ve heard.. Haven’t really heard any bad ones!!

Favorite adult beverage? Raspberry Vodka on a good day, Whiskey on a Bad one!
Favorite color? Green!
Finish this sentence. If a customer wants to make my day they will…Tell me how much fun they are having and that I made them want to come back!
Finish this sentence. I have the biggest crush on Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer Player)
What’s your craziest day at work? Tuesdays!
If you found a $20 on the street what would you with it? If it was in a location to turn it in I would, if it was on the street, pocket it and by myself a treat.. and thank the person that dropped it! ; )
Finish this sentence alcohol makes the world a better place because…It just makes you be able to be a little bit more crazy then you can be the majority of the time!

The other great thing about Robyn is she gets the honor of hooking people up with FREE happy hour parties for up to 100 of your nearest and dearest friends. Click here for you chance to enter to win a free happy hour party.