12 Best Things About Living in Houston

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Yea, there might be Howl at the Moon locations across the nation, but we pride ourselves on having a local feel. Each club is part of the community we’re in and Houston is no exception. In fact, we love Texas so much that there’s a Howl in Houston and San Antonio. So we want to show a little Houston city pride. If you’ve never been to Houston, then you probably only know it through rumors, which can be good or bad. We’re here to share some of the best things about living in Houston, just to make you a little jealous. For those of you who don’t get the privilege of living in Houston, let us teach you about a few of the things that make Houston great.


12 Best Things About Living in Houston


1.Taco trucks


Taco trucks in Houston are the best you’ll ever find.


2. Cost of Living


It’s incredibly affordable to buy a home in Houston or rent, if that’s what you’re looking for. The rest of the country is jealous.


3. The winter


What does digging your car out of the snow even look like? Sure, the summers can get hot, but it’s worth it not having to buy snow boots.


4. No state income tax.


You read that right. Our paychecks go farther than yours.


5. The Art Car parade


It’ll be your biggest collection of WTF moments of the year and you’ll love every minute of it.


6. Tex-Mex


Do we really need to say more? Come in to Houston and tell us that this isn’t the best Tex-Mex you’ve ever had.


7. Complimentary beer and beautiful art at the Blaffer Art Museum.


Head in for First Thursdays to take in a lesson on contemporary art and sip on some brews while mixing and mingling. Doesn’t that sound like a sophisticated way to spend a Thursday night?


8. The Houston Rodeo


You’ve never been to a Livestock Show and Rodeo like this before. Houston’s Rodeo is the biggest in the world and it’s worth going to, even if you’re the rodeo type (it just means you’ll become the rodeo type after). Plus there’s a carnival and fried foods, so many delicious, delicious fried foods.


9. Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the country. This means that…


10. …you can find any type of cuisine here.


Like, any kind. Love Brazilian food? We got it. Moroccan? Thai? German? We have it all.


11. Shipley Donuts

shipleys 2-thumb-500x375

It may have somewhat of a chain reputation, but it’s a tradition and they are definitely doing something right.


11. Howl at the Moon


Of course, we had to throw ourselves on here, because we see you dancing and singing all night, Houston. You must like it here. We know we sure have made it our home.

There are so many more things that make Houston awesome. We haven’t even gotten a chance to talk about our favorite burgers. but we’ll leave those blanks for you. If you think there’s something that definitely needs to get adding to our best things about living in Houston list, just go to our Facebook page and leave a comment letting us know or make sure to stop by and tell one of our servers!