A Man’s REAL Best Friend is his Bartender

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Meet Phillip Our Doggonit Fabtabulas Bartender

Dogs are great but can they make your drink just the way you like- whiskey on the rocks with four limes- while listening to your daily rants, love sick stories and wasted banter? All the while making you feel on top of the world. We don’t think so! Until dogs learn how to man the bar, we’ll give bartenders the honor of man’s best friend. And this bartender should be every man’s bff!

If you’d like to become a man’s best friend a.k.a work at the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano Bar then click here. Every week we will showcase a different employee. This week meet Phillip, a bartender at the Howl at the Moon in Charlotte.

Name: Phillip Brent

Years at Howl at the Moon: 3 years

What’s the most original tip you’ve ever received i.e. not money? Anticipate guest needs.

What’s your favorite show time? Spice up your life

Finish this sentence. If a customer wants to make my day they will: Tip largely

Favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to jump on stage and
belt it out Tina Turner style.
) Long Train Running

Least favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to plug your ears and say lalalalala.) Vanilla Ice

What’s one POLITE “tip” you would like customers to know? That we work for tips

What is your favorite costume to wear to work? Halloween

Finish this sentence: Alcohol makes the world a better place because… It keeps a lot of peoples bills paid.