13 Animals Who’ve Had WAY Too Many Drinks

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Drinks are good. Drinks are fun. Drinks turn us into dancing machines! But you have to remember to always drink in moderation or you’ll end up like these guys. No matter how delicious our drink menu may be, sometimes, too much of a good thing is too much.

13¬†Animals Who’ve Had WAY Too Much to Drink

This loving sloth who just wants to tell you how much he loooovvveees you! Drunk love is the best love.


This gaggle of drunk pandas that should have been cut off at the bar hours ago.


This tipsy kitten who just can’t hold her Mike’s Hard Lemonade like she used to.


This little drunk elephant who just wanted to join the party. Maybe next time drunk elephant.


This cat who is finding genius ways to avoid drinking with his paws.


This cat who went home to Facebook stalk. Drunk Facebook stalking is never a good idea, silly cat!


This cat who just wanted to get TURNT UP…and succeeded.


This drunk brown bear who’s ready to get belligerent, if he could just stay on his is feet. (Besides, I think the drunk lion is just looking to cuddle.)


At least this dog has a drunk care-taker. Don’t worry drunk puppy! The spins will pass.



This drunk polar bear who thinks he definitely drank you under the table. “You mad, brah?”


This penguin who is playing it off like it ain’t no thing. Did you see him slip? We didn’t think so.


This poor drunk lion who just wants to go to sleep, but can’t get comfortable.


Of course, after a night of being out with friends comes the hangover. This poor hungover kitten is just remembering what he did last night. It’s ok kitten, no one else will remember.


If you don’t want to end up falling all over yourself, the floor, or other people, avoid becoming these drunk animals. But Howl at the Moon does have an amazing drink menu, so to try everything, you’ll just have to too coming back for more! You can even sign up to win a party for you and your friends, because everyone knows that drinks taste better with groups of people. It’s science. (Don’t quote us on that.)