8 Awkward Things That Happen at the Club

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We all love a good night out dancing and drinking (believe us), but when you’re jammed into a room with a bunch of drunk people all wiggling and shaking on a dance floor, there are going to be some awkward moments that happen. It’s inescapable. It’s real life. The good thing about awkward moments at bars? The music is loud so you can cover up your mistakes, it’s usually pretty dark so maybe no one saw you, and you can always escape by saying you need to go to the bathroom and disappearing into the crowd. Anyway, we’ve all been there at some point or another, so commiserate with us.

8 Awkward Things That Happen at the Club


Spilling your drink on…anything.


Let’s face it. It’s almost impossible to not spill your drink when you’re in a crowded club, but when you spill a lot of your drink, it give your friends rights to make fun of you with “uh oh, you’re cut off!” jokes. Not cool, guys. Not cool. No matter how sober (or not) you were, you can’t live this one down, especially if the drink was spilled on yourself or another person.


Lying to someone about your name and forgetting to inform your friends.


Don’t lie. You’ve done this. And it is the worst when you’re talking to someone who thinks your name is Veronica and your friend comes at you screaming “Jennnniiiifffeeerrr, let’s dance!” Usually, “Uh, I go by my middle name” doesn’t fly. Oops, the jig is up.


Trying to be cute and not being able to coordinate your mouth to your straw.


Just, whatever. We’ve all done it. Don’t judge me!


When you just CANNOT stop bumping into people on the dance floor.


Sometimes there’s just no room and you gotta do what you gotta do! Go on with your bad self. They’re just not on your level.


When you agree to shots (SHOTS!) and your gag reflex kicks in.


See above. It’s dark in here! No one saw that, we swear.


When you fall.


This can happen when dancing, walking, or even standing. Doesn’t matter, it always sucks. We’re right there with you.


Someone wearing the same shirt/dress/skirt as you.


How DARE they have the same fashion sense as you? You wore it better anyway.


Yelling “That’s my jam!” when it is, in fact, not your jam.


OK, it’s not your fault that certain songs start out the same way and sometimes it can be really hard to tell until you hear the words. We get it, really. Again, see above. It’s loud and dark and you can  probably cover up your mistake. Or pretend that your jam is Piano Man. The choice is yours.


It doesn’t matter if you have one awkward moment in the night or all 8, what matters is that you have fun! You’re own dancing and partying with your friends, so remember to laugh at yourself before you cringe. Now enter to win a party below so you can bring all your friends to Howl at the Moon and count how many awkward moments you all have!