Best Beer Apps

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Happy IPA Day!

August 1st is International IPA Day. The amount of Craft IPA sold in the U.S. has increased by 282% from 2007 to 20121. In honor of IPA Day, Howl at the Moon has compiled a list of the best beer apps on the market.

A good beer app can be an incredibly helpful tool to any beer drinker.They can help you keep track of which beers you’ve tried, decide one what beer to drink based on what beers and flavors you already love, and educate you on all of the many, many styles of beer out there. Check out the beer apps and stop by Howl at the Moon and pair up your favorite with our local craft beers!


Price: FREE
Uses: Find and rate beers, bars, and breweries
Devices: iPhone | Android | BlackBerry | Windows Phone

beer apps

Untapped is one of the most widely used beer apps currently on the market. Untapped allows users to search for nearby beers, bars, and breweries. Untappd is Foursquare for beer. Once you find a beer, you can “check in”, add a location, rate the beer, and leave a note and/or photo. Add your friends and you can check out what they’re drinking and what they think about it. Don’t have friends? That’s ok! Hit Nearby and find out what your fellow townsmen have been consuming! Say you find a type of beer that is only available in Philadelphia. Add it to your wishlist and next time you visit Philly, pull Untappd will be there to remind you of your long lost brew. My favorite part about Untapped is that I have a list of the beers I’ve tried and how much I liked or disliked them.

Beer Buddy

Price: $3.99
Uses: Barcode Scanning
Devices: iPhone

beer app

Beer Buddy is a great beer app to use at the liquor store. Simply scan barcodes from beer bottles, cases, and cans to obtain detailed information pertaining to that beer. The app is integrated with, so you can read ratings and reviews of the beer, as well as provide your own ratings. You can also bookmark beers for later consumption via the On Tap function. This app is available only for iPhone, but Android users can download RateBeer’s app here.

Beer Match

Price: $0.99
Uses: Find the perfect beer match for food and cheese
Devices: iPhone

best beer apps

Ever stand in the liquor isle starring at the beers, making your best guess at which beer would go best with your meal tonight? Beer Match is the beer app that takes the guess work out of beer, food, and cheese, combinations. Depending on what’s for dinner, Beer Batch will suggest the perfect beer flavors and textures to go with your meal. This beer app is incredibly quick and easy to use to ensure that your waitress isn’t annoyed when she takes your drink order. The app also works in reverse; choose your beer and Beer Match will tell you the best foods to go with it.


Price: FREE
Uses: Beer Recommendations
Devices: iPhone | Android


Pintley has many of the rating and review features that Untappd and BeerBuddy have, but Pintley hooks you up with recommendations and points. Not only is this beer app free, Pintley also hosts hundreds of free beer tastings across the country each month! Woo!!!


Price: FREE
Uses: Beer Knowledge
Devices: iPhone | Android


BeerCloud is the beer app that will help you to become a beer expert! Having this beer app on your phone essentially puts an encyclopedic database of beer in the palm of your hand. BeerCloud can pull up a full description of nearly any beer in seconds, suggest food pairings, track down your favorite beer, and help you open your eyes to a whole world of beer styles.
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