Happy Casual Friday!

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This morning, millions of people across America woke up with an extra special feeling inside. A feeling of happiness, hopefulness, and freedom. Why? Yes, the weekend is here and that is something everybody can appreciate. But this feeling isn’t populated by a mere “weekend”. No this feeling is a triumph. This feeling is saying, “No ironing for me! I’m gonna press snooze THREE times!”. This feeling is saying, “I think I’ll show my support for NASA today with this rad tee.” This feeling is saying, “Hey The Man, check out my sweet jorts!” This feeling is…


Yes, today is Casual Friday. Enjoy your comfortable clothes and get ready, because happy hour and the weekend (and your FREEDOM) have arrived. But be warned, dressing too casually and making fashion fails could spoil this special, special day. Please dress responsibly and make sure that whatever you do, you don’t do this:

Casual Friday: I Think You’re Doing It Wrong…

Shirt Fails

We all remember what happened on Casual Friday on The Office…


Make sure it fits


A tattoo of a shirt is not a shirt.


No. We don’t.


Pant Fails

Pull em up!

download (3)

Especially if you’re wearing a g-string


Elephants are not pants


Nude colored pants are almost as bad as yoga pants. Spare us.

download (4)

And whatever you do, just please remember to put pants on…


Shoe Fails

Pants are not shoes. Shoes are shoes.


One or the other. Never both.

download (2)

Accessory Fails



Unless you work on the sun. Even if you did, I don’t think this would help


Overall Fails

Just don’t. Please. Just don’t.


Truly an overall fail… get it? Ha.


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