Charlotte Dueling Piano Players

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The Hottest Musicians in
Charlotte Nightlife

Howl at the Moon has some seriously talented musicians rockin’ the dueling pianos in Charlotte. When we hire entertainers, we take our time, searching throughout the entire country to find the most outstanding professional musicians out there to bring the best dueling piano show to the Charlotte nightlife scene. Today we’ll shine the digital spotlight on five of Howl at the Moon Charlotte’s dueling piano players. Find out what they love to play and learn what makes Howl at the Moon the best dueling piano bar in Charlotte and the hottest spot for Charlotte nightlife.

Tim Rice

nightlife charlotteYears at Howl: 7 (almost 8)

Favorite Song to play: Everlong by Foo Fighters

If you could switch lives any celebrity/musician for a day who would you choose? I wouldn’t want to switch, but if Taylor Swift is looking for her next ex-boyfriend…

What song best describes Howl: “Good Vibrations” Marky Mark

Dream concert: An all-star line up from the first four Lollapalooza tours


What makes for a memorable audience? One that shakes their booties into submission!

Dave Haywood

charlotte-nightlife-daveYears at Howl: Three

Favorite song to play: Anything by Prince

If you could switch lives with any celebrity/musician for a day, who would you choose? Absolutely no one.

What song best describes Howl: Can’t Hold Us

Dream concert? The Beatles, Hendrix or Bob Marley

What makes for a memorable audience? When they desire to have a good time.

Pete Lents

nightlife charlotteYears at Howl: 5 (almost 6)

Favorite song to play: Angry Young Man”- Billy Joel

If you could switch lives with any celebrity/musician for a day, who would you choose? Peter Gabriel- I would love to know the inner workings of his musical mind!


What song best describes Howl? “Don’t Stop the Party”- Pitbull

Dream concert? Double bill- Yes and Genesis (original lineups) w/Kansas opening

What makes for a memorable audience? When they sing, dance, and clap with smiles on their faces, that’s an audience I’ll remember!

Jennifer Wallis

charlotte nightlifeYears at Howl? 4.5 years

Favorite song to play? Favorite to play, Glitter in the Air. Favorite to sing, All I Want For Christmas is You

If you could switch lives with any celebrity/musician for a day, who would you choose? Pink or Sara Bareilles

What song best describes Howl? I’ve Got A Feeling, or I Love Rock and Roll

Dream concert? Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Count Basie and his Orchestra. Basically to see all of the Jazz greats play together.

What makes for a memorable audience? The audience is memorable when we are able to have fun with them, such as dancing with them, them singing along are clapping and really requesting fun songs. When there is an energy in the room because the performers and audience are feeding off of each other.

Kyle Cummings

charlotte nightlifeYears at Howl2 1/2 years

Favorite Song to play? Baby Elephant Walk

If you could switch lives with any celebrity/musician for a day, who would you choose? Anybody wealthy enough so that I may donate millions to less fortunate kids; clothes, food, music lessons, martial arts, & a boatload of self esteem.

What song best describes Howl? Baby Elephant Walk

Dream concert? Eminem, Lake & Palmer featuring Mozart & Donna Summer, with Richard Simmons, Russell Simmons, and Gene Simmons as the backup singer-dancers. There is NOTHING this lineup could not crush!

What makes for a memorable audience?

A memorable audience, is the audience that can’t get enough, can’t stop dancing, can’t help but smile, has nothing but a good time throughout, and can not wait to return in bigger numbers to drink, dance, and drink some more.

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