Foxborough Bowling Tips

February 9, 2024

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Howl at the Moon is a high energy, live entertainment venue that will keep you dancing around until the bar closes. Splitsville is an energetic bowling alley, yet comfortable atmosphere that can handle parties of all ages. When the two companies come together, it will be a night to remember. Howl Splitsville in Foxborough was the first venue where these two companies joined together as one and has since opened more. It is a great place to come with family and friends, and we can host corporate events, birthday parties, holiday parties, team building events, kids’ birthday parties, private parties, networking events and more. You name it, we have it!

Group outing

And whether you come here on a first date, with your coworkers or only a night out, you will not want to embarrass yourself when bowling, so let us give you a few tips to make you look like a rockstar.

-The number one tip to keeping your cool while bowling, DO NOT cross over the line, because you will slip and will be embarrassed.
-Know that we feature 10 pin bowling, and we use big balls. But, lucky for you our lightest is 6 lbs. and our heaviest is 15 lbs.
-Make sure the finger holes fit perfectly, we have a variety amount of sizes. If you don’t find the right one it could throw off your entire bowling game.
-The right shoe size matters! We have both men and women full size as well as half sizes.
-Our lanes are oiled everyday, but if you want a little extra slide, we have shoe powder to put on the bottom of your bowling shoes.
-Pick a target- when throwing the ball down the lane, focus on a target and it will help you knock down the pins.
-If a ball gets stuck on the lane or in between the gutters, DO NOT get it, ask your server or somebody that works there and they will assist you.

And here is some bowling lingo to know…
-Approach: Part of the lane from the back of the ball return area to the foul line
-Pin Deck: Area 60’ from foul line, also where the pins are set
-Ball Return: Track between the lanes the balls roll on when they are being returned
-300: Perfect game 12 straight strikes
-Fence Post: 7/10 split
-Chicken Wing: When a bowler’s elbow gets away from his body during a swing

Party Venues

Book your party at Howl Splitsville in Foxborough. With 12 luxury bowling lanes and a live music show, we are the perfect venue for your next party. Get in touch with us today at 508-698-2695. Our brand new Topgolf Swing Suite offers a comfortable, private space to gather for parties and meetings or even work on your swing. Plus, reserving your space at the Topgolf Swing Suite is easy at Howl Splitsville.

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