Funny Drinking Games

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No offense to the new college freshman, but I for one am sick and tired of playing beer pong, quarters, and flip cup. In a quest to put the fun back into drinking games, we’ve asked some of our drinking experts here at Howl at the Moon to enlighten us with some different, crazy, funny drinking games. Here are 5 of our favorite, complete with drinking game rules and pro tips!

Wizard Staff

The object of the game is to build the biggest wizard staff in order to claim your spot as the most powerful wizard.

In order to play this game, there are a few simple rules:

Everyone starts by drinking a can of beer. After you finish your beer, grab a new can of beer and duct tape it to the top of the empty can of beer. You are now a level two wizard. Once you finish your second can, get a third can and duct tape that on top of the two empty ones. You are now a level three wizard. This is how you grow your wizard staff, by finishing beers and duct taping them to your empty cans.

The first person to reach level eight becomes the White Wizard. For every level beyond eight, the White Wizard makes a rule that everyone must follow. The next person to reach level eight can challenge the White Wizard to a duel. Whoever’s staff survives is the White Wizard.

Those are the basics of wizard staff. Half the fun of this game is making rules and things you have to do while playing.

Mario Kart Driving

Don’t go calling M.A.D.D. on us – Howl at the Moon does not support drunk driving… unless you’re talking Mario Kart. Which, we are!

  1. Gather 2-4 friends, a few cases of beer, and your N64. Get out that old Mari Kart cartridge, give it a few blows, and plug that bad boy in.
  2. Pick your characters and your course. Each player must open their beer can before the race begins.
  3. Race! You have two choices: drink as much beer as you can or get as far in first place as possible. Each player must finish their beer before finishing their final lap. However, you CANNOT DRINK while driving your kart. You must first pull over. You cannot roll. You must come to a complete stop because drinking and driving is a horrible thing.
  4. Whoever crosses the finish line first with an empty beer wins!

Battle Shots

This drinking game puts a spin on the classic board game Battleships.

  1. Assemble a board. Make two charts with the X-Axis labeled by number and the Y-Axis labeled by letter. Set up a divider between the two boards. The easiest way? Use a couple of pizza boxes!
  2. Set up your ships! Place shots on top of each ship. You might want to do half shots, or mixed drinks. Each square your ship takes up is a shot.
  3. Play as if you were playing regular Battleships. Call out the spaces on your opponents board, marking your hits and missed.
  4. Hit! The player whose ship has been hit must take a drink.
  5. To win the game you must sink all of your opponents ships

Chicken Chase

This game and image comes from Reddit user dsel

  1. Meet with a large group of friends (the more the better) at a bar in a part of town with many bars ( Wicker Park works well if you happen to be in Chicago).
  2. Everyone in the group must put $10 into the pot
  3. One person is dressed in a chicken suit. This person takes the money and gets a 20 minute head start while the rest of the group finishes their first drink
  4. Everyone splits into teams of 2-3 and proceeds to chase of the Chicken
  5. Whenever a team enters a bar to look for the Chicken, they have to drink
  6. First team to find the Chicken gets to split what’s left of the pot and continues drinking with the Chicken until the game is over

Edward 40 Hands

To play this game you need duct tape and two 40’s of beer for each person. Tape a 40 to each of your hands. You can’t take the 40’s off until both are empty, so basically you can’t do anything involving your hands until you finish your beers. If you need to go to the bathroom, you either have to chug your beers, find someone willing and able to help you, or wet yourself. The point of the game is to get people drink a lot of beer and very fast.