5 Indie Bands Worth Listening To

June 13, 2013

It seems like the list of indie rock bands never ends. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I’m looking for new music. There are SO many indie bands out there and so many of them are so mediocre. It’s quite difficult to find the true gems in the indie world. That’s why I’ve decided to shine the spotlight on 5 of my favorites. These bands are not necessarily new, but they are fantastic indie bands that may have fallen through the cracks in your search for great indie bands. Check them out and check out this Indie Rock Playlist featuring the 5 indie bands you should check out if you haven’t already brought to you by Howl at the Moon.

Now, Now

Now, Now (formerly Now, Now Every Children) is a three piece indie rock band from Blaine, MN. Now, Now creates absolutely beautiful music with simple elements, compiling  multiple layers of cleaver beats, light guitar melodies, soft vocals, and an ambient synth that ultimately pulls it all together into a climactic spine chilling moment of full guitar chords, powerful rhythms, and an overall sense of wholeness. Now, Now is on Chris Walla’s (guitarist from Death Cab for Cutie) record label, Trans Records and their music is available for purchase here. Featured below is a song called Threads off of Now, Now’s most recent album, Thread.

Oh, and if you love Now, Now but wish that it was publicly acceptable party music, the drummer of Now, Now, Bradley Hale, has remixed quite a few of their songs. Check out his remix of Jesus Camp and just try not to dance (impossible).

Company of Thieves

Genevieve Schatz has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. She is simply incredible. The music is upbeat and optimistic yet incredibly soulful. The band pulls influence from big jazz bands and blues while maintaining a pop-rock feel. Their music is graceful and eclectic, often building up to a breakdown with great guitar and/or keys solos, and Genevieve belting out the high notes with every last emotion to her name. Their music can be purchased here, and right now they are giving away a free download of what I know to be Genevieve’s favorite song! Here is a live version of Nothing’s in the Flowers off of their second album, Running From A Gamble.

It’s worth mentioning that Genevieve just started her own solo project. Follow her on Facebook!

Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club is a British band with a ton of depth. Their songs vary from tunes featuring a funky bass line, a catchy piano riff, soft percussion, and looped vocals, to a world buried in a sea of synth with a soulful voice emerging, to catchy songs building up to an explosion of sound. Jack Steadman’s vocals are truly unique, bringing a folk sound to indie rock. Their music is available for purchase here. Featured below is “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”, a song that starts off with soothing vocals and an easy guitar, but builds into a song that will truly make you happy to be awake!


Lemuria is the oldest band on this list, kicking off their career in 2004. Coming out of Buffalo, NY, this trio pulls from indie and post-hardcore influences and mixes perfectly with the sweet voice and poetic lyrics of Sheena Ozzella (although Alex Kerns often takes the lead on vocals. Lemuria’s music is simple and raw, in the best way possible. Their new album, “The Distance Is So Big”, drops on June 18th. If you are in the D.C. area, the band will be playing three album release shows. Their music can be purchased here.


Alright, this band is pretty new. Remember Paramore? Well, their brilliant ex-drummer, Zac Farro, took off to start this creative indie project… and it is so the opposite of Paramore it’s ridiculous. Farro is a truly amazing percussionist and his vocals aren’t half bad either. The band is named after a song by múm, an experiemental Icelandic group. Halfnoise’s first EP is very minimalistic, featuring electronic rhythms, mesmerizing and repetitive lyrics, and beautiful synth sounds. Their EP can be purchased here. Featured below is “Free the House”.

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