He is the Man, He’s not a Myth & His Job Somedays Seems Legendary

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Meet the man who is more than “Halfway There,” to having the coolest job ever! His fictional counterpart is Tom Cruise’s character from the movie Cocktail, the man with all of the stories. He spends his evenings giving Bachelorettes blow job shots; serving the Colts players drinks and receiving gifts like free concert tickets. He’s a 365-day a year whiskey man, and also our bartender. At Howl we pride ourselves on hiring fun, interesting people. Basically, we hire the kinds of people you would want to hangout with. If you’d like to work at the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano then click here. Every week we will showcase a different employee. This week meet Dave, our bartender in Indianapolis.

Dave Luterman

What’s the most original tip you’ve ever received i.e. not money?
I received tickets to the Rascal Flatts concert, so though it wasn’t a tip for money it was comparable

Favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to jump on stage and belt it out Tina Turner style? “Halfway There”

Least favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to plug your ears and say lalalala.) I used to love “Piano Man,” but it is played so much- I could go a night without hearing it.

Who is the coolest person you’ve ever served?
Besides fellow Howl employees in town from other clubs, I would say when the Colts players come in and party

Favorite drink to make
Besides all the waters we do pour at 2:30 right before close, I would say on a Saturday night when all the bachelorette parties come in, the 100 blow job shots. We make them and jump on the bar so they can take them.

Favorite drink to drink
Single Barrel Jack on the rocks

Do you have different favorite drinks for different seasons?
I am a whiskey man all year long, it’s great for a hot summer day and keeps you warm during the Indy winters

If you could replace alcohol with water in water fountains, what alcohol would you choose?
I would replace it with Pinnacle whipped because; when you drink chocolate milk in the morning it’s a great mix, not to mention the hot chocolate at night!

What fictional bartender are you most like?
Tom Cruise from Cocktail! I’m the storyteller!

What era do you think had the coolest drinks?
The Present day, all the new flavors of different liquors are amazing to create drinks with.

Finish this sentence alcohol makes the world a better place because: It pays my bills