Team Building Ideas

Creating an awesome night for your team is even easier when you host a team building event at Howl at the Moon! Outstanding live music, tons of customizable party venue and excellent drinks are a howl away, with great amenities available to create the perfect atmosphere all night long. From outings with a top notch crew to an event that brings the entire company together, it is time to get this night howlin’.

Our live music show can also be made optional for private events. The show can be tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Howl Hollywood has plenty of ways to make your next team building event unforgettable, with private space, semi-private space and even full-venue buyouts available for whatever your event calls for! There is plenty for you to customize at Howl, like piano banners and UPshow digital displays to welcome all of your guest to the show. Amenities like photo booths and specialized company drinks are always available, plus whatever else your company needs for an unforgettable event can be brought in to fill your space.

Get your entire team into the mix with any of Howl at the Moon’s unbeatable drinks! Our 86 oz. buckets come in ten awesome flavors and are perfect for sharing at every table. Plus, Howl has an incredible selection of beer and craft cocktails available in a drink package to put everyone in their best spirits—there’s even mouthwatering appetizer, entree, dessert and buffet-style catering available to fill your space all night.

Howl knows that nothing brings people together like music—and we have the best band in the city! Howl Hollywood’s musicians play an outstanding mix of hit songs from every genre, plus plenty of requests from your crew as well. Private team building events can even take control over the band’s light’s and levels, setlist and start time so the night goes exactly as planned. Finish things out with a custom company song and lock in an unforgettable night that will have your team howlin’ until next time.

Howl at the Moon is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events, wrap parties and more. Book your next event today.

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