Reunion Party Venue

Get the crew back together and party like you have never missed a beat! Howl at the Moon is the ultimate venue in Hollywood for private events and the biggest parties in the city, perfect for high school and college reunions of all kinds. Whether you are gathering after 5 or 20 years, Howl is the only venue in LA that is complete with tons of space for you to customize, a wild selection of drinks and a live music show like you will not find anywhere else. It is time we get your class howlin’ like never before!

Howl at the Moon is Hollywood’s place to be for high school and college reunions that are bound to be unforgettable! Semi-private and private party reservations can be customized with outstanding amenities like piano banners branded for the occasion, step-and-repeat photo stations, custom cocktails and much more. Buffet-style appetizer, entree and dessert catering options are available to keep all of your guests satisfied throughout the night.

Setting the stage for your ultimate high school or college reunion is how we get things started, there is so much waiting to be found at Howl at the Moon’s bar! We keep the shelves stocked with a great selection of beers and all the ingredients you love for our famous shots, cocktails and 86 oz. buckets — the fastest way to have you owning the dance floor like you did years ago. There are even specialty drink packages available for your class so that every guest can be sipping on their favorite throughout the night.

Once the drinks get going and the crowd grows more excited, we will break out what everyone’s been waiting for! Howl at the Moon’s band plays Hollywood’s most entertaining live music show night after night, rocking the biggest hit songs and the crowd’s best requests on two baby grand pianos. Our show is perfect for filling the floor and getting your class howlin’ back at us — plus we will even bring more Howl musicians to the stage on guitars, drums and more to create a musical experience that will not be forgotten any time soon. Make your class rock harder than any other high school or college reunion and host your celebration at Howl at the Moon!

Howl at the Moon can host birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events, wrap parties and more Book your party today.