How to Get the Damn Piano Players to Play Your Song

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Answer: Listen to their story and they’ll keep playing all night long.

At Howl we pride ourselves on hiring fun, interesting people. Basically, we hire the kinds of people you want to hangout with. If you’d like to work at the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano bar please email or click here.

Every week we’ll showcase a different employee. This week meet Heidi Bean, an entertainer at the Howl at the Moon in Boston.

Name: Heidi Bean

Years at Howl at the Moon: .7826

What’s the worst song request you’ve ever gotten?
Every request is special in God’s eyes.

Who is your music idol?
Thom York

What song can you play over and over again?
Any song, but when would I pee?

What song do you wish you didn’t have to play over and over again?
Party in the U.S.A

Who would you want to face in a head to head dueling piano battle?
I don’t believe in violence

What is your favorite prop on stage?
What am I, carrot top?

Finish this sentence. I cannot perform without my…. “water.”

If you could perform anywhere in the world (ANYWHERE!) Where would it be?
Mars, we’ll make it there in my lifetime.

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer?
When I first heard William Hung sing, “She Bangs”

Finish this sentence. Music makes the world a better place because…”it puts poets in their place.”