How to Survive a Family Reunion

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It’s summer time and somehow you’re stuck spending your vacation with family- those two words should not be allowed in the same sentence. No worries, Howl at the Moon has figured out how to make it a trip worth repeating…

Family bonding has never been so fun!

Step 1: Dump luggage and kids, have mom drop you and your cousins (like the old days!) at the closest Howl.
Step 2: Split an “Adios Mofo” bucket with the gang (and say adios to any friendly family animosity or awkwardness)
Step 3: Complain about your travel experience- the overly chatty person sitting next to you or the stench of Cinnabun, until none of you want to hear any more mention of trains, planes or automobiles.
Step 4: Time to switch to a round of “Dr. Feelgoods” because at this very moment you guys are feeling very, very good and some delicious Apps.
Step 5: Reminisce over your favorite old songs from family parties and the “dance moves” your parents tried to pass on.
Step 6: Everyone request a song that reminds them of one of your family members
Step 7: Jello Shot time- much better than Grandma’s Jello Mold!
Step 8: Jump on stage, sing your hearts out to “We are family,” pull out those dance moves that sadly, are genetic… all the while making new favorite holiday family memories to reminisce over next year.
Step 9: Repeat Howl’s travel tips next year and you may find yourself actually looking forward to next reunion