Howl at the Moon Merchandise Sale: 50% OFF EVERYTHING!

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Take our quiz to see if you need to have a little Howl retail therapy in your life. Answer either yes or no to each statement.

  • You’re bummed when it’s last call because you have at least 8 more song requests left.
  • You spend your car rides to work, your showers and long cubicle hours practicing your Howl (discretely or not so discretely)
  • You know what an Adios Mofo is
  • Weekends are no longer open- they’re strictly reserved for the Moon
  • You’ve won at least one Howl Happy Hour which has led to your increased popularity
  • You serve your kids their milk in a bucket with straws- it’s never too early to start practicing
  • You’re on a first name bases with our entertainers
  • Your idea of “kids songs” is teaching your kids, “Livin On A Prayer,” “Pumped up Kicks,” and “Sweet Child O Mine”
  • Some of your fondest college memories are from Thursday nights at Howl
  • Howlin’ has become a verb for you and you rather enjoy doing it.

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions you need to take advantage of our HALF OFF all *merchandise sale. The sale goes until the end of the year. So treat yourself, your friends and don’t forget the babysitter who watches your kids while you’re at the moon. After all, at least now at last call you can go home to your Howl sweatshirt.

*Sale excludes truck driver hats.

Howlin’ Merchandise