Howl at the Moon – Mike A’s Formal Apology to Indianapolis Colts Fans

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Peyton @ Howl at the MoonJanuary, 14, 2010

To the fans of the Indianapolis Colts and the fans of Howl at the Moon:
I wanted to pass on a sincere apology to all of you for the recent posting related to this weekend’s game. My comments never stated anything negative nor were they meant to be interpreted negatively about Colts fans. I just the same as many of you, am passionate about my team. My comments about “horrible tailgating” were not intended to reflect negatively on the City of Indianapolis, The Indianapolis Colts, nor the fans. I made a bad choice in words when comparing Indianapolis to several other cities that I have been to for NFL games. I was only referring to the sheer size and area that which the tailgating is available takes place in. The fans are great and I have experienced many great times during while tailgating for the Colts games, an activity which I have both endorsed and organized on several occasions, with my friends. My reference to “it sucks living in Colts country” was also a bad choice of words. I was referring to not being around other Ravens fans during game day. On game day, I would enjoy being able to be where the team I have been a fan of for many years is playing. I do love the City of Indianapolis. There are many great things about the city and I choose to live here because it is a beautiful city and a great place to live. If there is one thing that I have learned since I moved here 5 years ago, it is “Hoosier Hospitality”. I embrace it and am part of it. The comments made by me were my own opinions and not those of my employer, Howl at the Moon. Howl at the Moon is a very successful bar and we owe all of that to the thousands of people we have shared good times, laughs, and memories with over the last 5 years. The employees of Howl at the Moon, which grew up here as Colts fans, all wear Colts gear every home game weekend. Howl at the Moon is and will continue to be supportive of the Colts, just as we have been for the last 5 years. We have Colts signs and banners up just as every bar downtown does. It is not fair to the employees of Howl at the Moon who work hard and are Colts fans. This negativity is not their fault. It is mine alone. Please accept my sincere and earnest apology with open arms and understand that I love my “Hoosiers”. Howl at the Moon is open to ALL fans this weekend. Should the Colts go on to the AFC Championship, you can be assured that Howl at the Moon will do something special for all of Colts fans. Should the Colts win, I have agreed to get right on stage and put on a Peyton Manning jersey in submission and support the Colts.

Mike Augustinos
General Manager
Howl at the Moon, Indianapolis