Howl at the Moon: Our Favorite Guests

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Howl at the Moon - Mike

By Mike Y.

Being that it’s national Howl at the Moon day (no, we didn’t make that up), we wanted to pay homage to our loyal fans. Without you, we’d be the Dueling Piano Bar that (Kinda) Rocks. You arrive in big groups, you drink booze out of buckets, and you sing along to “Baby Got Back” without missing a beat. Does it get any better?

In case you haven’t been to Howl at the Moon, here’s a glimpse of the party animals you’ll see on a nightly basis.

1. The booze hound

Can be spotted three beers deep at the end of the bar getting ready to request “Who Let the Dogs Out”

2. The DD (Designated Driver)

Can be seen enjoying dueling pianos while laughing at the drunkards. (Also truly the rockstar of the night!)

3. The Sir

Most likely sitting at a hightop with a martini and requesting Sinatra. Pinkies up!

4. The Clown

Can be seen looking to get people smiling by  booty dancing to Nicki Minaj with a bucket on his head.

5. The Overly Attached Couple

Can be seen in the back of the room canoodling while their friends make a run for it.