Howl at the Moon USA Formal Apology to Colts Fans

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We here at the Howl at the Moon’s corporate headquarters in Chicago, IL would like to sincerely apologize to all Indianapolis Colts fans that took offense to the comments made by our General Manager of our Indianapolis Howl at the Moon location. Our General Manager’s intentions were not to insult the fans of the Indianapolis Colts, but after reviewing his comments, he certainly wishes he could turn back time and change what he said. Mike Augustinos is a terrific General Manager and he asks that Colt fans will accept his apology. The organization of Howl at the Moon completely supports our General Manager during this situation. We are in the business of giving people a good time, and we would never intentionally do anything to disrespect our fans.

The City of Indianapolis has given us a wonderful home over the years, and we will continue to provide you with drinks, amazing music, and a great time.