Howl at the Moon Wants You to Get to know your Coworkers Better

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Chances are you have been sitting less than 5 feet away from someone and don’t know some key details about their life. We’re here to help you fix that.

Ask your cubemate these questions:

1. Do you prefer cats or dogs? (You can already tell a lot about this person.)

2. It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere, so what’s your pick- tequila or whiskey?

3. What’s your go to karaoke song? Say you don’t karaoke? Pretend the fate of world is resting on YOUR karaoke performance, what song would you pick?

4. In their prime, who was a better performer Madonna or Britney Spears?

5. The dance move I am most proud of is? (The brave will demonstrate, the bashful will giggle while awkwardly describing it, and the serious will stare blankly back.)

6. The last time I used a bucket was to: A. Build a sand castle B. Rescue a leaky pipe, or C. Drink from

7. Finish this sentence My favorite part of a wedding is:__________________________________?

8. Please respond with, “Yay” or “Nay”: 80’s music?

9. Please respond with “Yee Haw” or “Yee Naw”: Country?

10. Please respond with “Fo shizzle my nizzle” or “No jizzle”: Rap?
(Judging by their answers and how they articulated those words you probably know a lot more about their social life.)

Only ask this last question if you think this person is fit to be seen in public with.

11. *Hypothetically speaking, if I was to win a free happy hour party at Howl at the Moon for up to 100 of my closest friends. Would you be my 79th friend on my list (if you really like them, you can even ask them to be your 43rd friend instead)

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