Howl at the Moon: We Love Music!

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Howl at the Moon

By Amy H.

Creating the ultimate Pandora station or Spotify playlist can be an essential part of getting through the work week. After all, what’s an afternoon without some Black Keys, Zac Brown Band, or maybe even a little Justin Bieber when no one’s around.

But even the most carefully crafted mixes fail to elicit the same exhilaration experienced when indulging in some live music alongside fellow fans. Fortunately, there’s a place that can bring your homemade playlists to life and for live music enthusiasts that place is, you guessed it, Howl at the Moon.

Located in 13 U.S. cities and counting, Howl’s dueling pianos are always ready to entertain as our ever-talented musicians help loyal patrons kick start the weekend with a wide variety of drinks on tap and a vast assortment of artists cued up. In fact, many fan favorites hail from our various locations, so to get an idea of who you can expect to rock out to on any given night, we’ve put the spotlight on five Howl locations and the various artists who call the cities home.

Howl Boston | 184 High Street, Boston, MA 02110
Featured Hometown Artist: Aerosmith

Boston has long been known for producing some of the biggest acts in music, but perhaps the most notable of all is Aerosmith. With over four decades of awards, albums, and tours to their name, Steven Tyler and Co. prove time and time again not just why they are Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, but also one of the best-selling bands of all time.

Aerosmith’s song catalog is rich with options, but when it comes to live music at Howl Boston, you can never go wrong with a request for “Walk This Way.”

Howl Chicago | 26 West Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60654
Featured Hometown Artist: Kanye West

Just like Boston, Chicago has seen its share of rising stars hit it big over the years. Though born in Atlanta, Kanye West has always considered the Windy City home and has not been shy about expressing affection for his hometown. Since bursting on to the scene in 2004, West’s music has been met with substantial critical and commercial success, which has resulted in a slew of awards, including 18 GRAMMYs to date.

Many different artists have taken a stab at covering a Kanye West song, but in selecting one of his hits to perform live at Howl Chicago, the piano-based “Homecoming” is always a solid choice.

Howl Denver | 1735 19th Street, Denver, CO 80202
Featured Hometown Artist: The Fray

From the largest of venues to the most intimate of settings, The Fray knows how to captivate an audience. The Denver-based group, best known for its piano-rock ballads and heartfelt lyrics, makes sure its fans connect with the music by way of sing-alongs and catchy choruses that help make each concert experience truly unique.

Be sure to brush up on the words to “Over My Head” before stopping in for some live music at Howl Denver, where the hometown hits of The Fray will keep you jamming all night long.

Howl Houston | 612 Hadley St., Houston, TX 77002
Featured Hometown Artist: Beyonce

Though everyone’s favorite former single lady is now mostly associated with New York thanks to hubby, Jay-Z, Beyonce was actually born and raised in Houston, where she began as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child in the late 90s. It was clear early on she was “destined” for great things, so it came as no surprise when she eventually branched off to launch what would eventually become an extremely successful solo career. Equipped with a number of hit singles and GRAMMYs to go along with them, Beyonce has proven she’s more than just one half of the music industry’s most powerful couple.

We all saw the video, even the one parodied by ‘ol Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live, now it’s time to see all the other “Single Ladies.” Soak up the live music at Howl Houston and toast the hometown honey living large in the Big Apple.

Howl Orlando | 8815 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
Featured Hometown Artist: Backstreet Boys

Back when MTV used to actually play videos, groups like Orlando’s Backstreet Boys had the formula down pat. Cook up a hit single, record a video, and boom, Total Request Live here they come. Those days may be well behind us, but the songs will live on forever, as the aging adults who were once teens growing up with these boy bands (myself included), can’t help but take a stroll down memory lane with the timeless anthems. And even if you don’t know the lyrics, they’re simple enough that you’ll be able to catch on by the second verse.

The Backstreet Boys are said to be working on a new album, but in the mean time, gather up a group of old friends, guzzle down a few drinks, and get ready to belt out the best version of “I Want It That Way” Howl Orlando has ever heard.

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