When Liquor Meets Beer

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The saying goes “Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, never sicker.” Well we’ve been working hard here at Howl at the Moon to fix this age old problem of facing the question: liquor or beer? We dared to wonder, what happens when we consume beer and liquor at the same time? Miracles. That’s what happens.

5 Great Liquor and Beer Recipes

1. This one is perfect for summer. Mix tequila with a light Mexican beer for the Coupe de Ville. RECIPE.


2. Whiskey makes me frisky… I bring you the Steamroller. RECIPE.


3. A favorite in Portland, IPA and Cachaça= Cascadian Caipbeerinha. RECIPE.


4. If you love beer and margaritas… well maybe you should stay away from the Beermarita. RECIPE.


5. Hangman’s Blood Drink… Rum, whiskey, port, and champagne are only half of the alcoholic beverages in this bad boy. RECIPE.


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