15 Alcohol Glasses and Flasks That Will Revolutionize Drinking

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Or maybe they’ll just get you real drunk. Either way.

1. The Gigantic Beer Cup.. because the most beer is always the best choice

funny beer glasses

2. The Brandy Pipe is the classiest way for a fine gentleman (or gentlewoman) to get his drink on

funny shot glasses

3. Hopside Down allows us to drink out of a bottle with all of the benefits of drinking out of a glass

novelty beer glasses

4. Mmmmmm, forbidden donut flask…

novelty flasks

5. Strap on the beer belt and never get off the couch again!

beer belt

6. The Winestein boasts the gusto of a beer stein with the elegance of a wine stem

funny wine glasses

7. Say sayonara to the judgemental stares brought on by double-fisting and say hello to liberated libation!

funny beer glasses

8. Shots the way they were meant to be taken… out of the barrel of a 22 rifle

novelty beer glass

9. Take the principle from the Gigantic Beer Cup and apply it to wine.

novelty wine glass

10. These Trashed Shot Glasses will show your party guests exactly which direction you want the party to go

novelty shot glass

11. The Twister Shot Glass puts endless flavor combinations in the palm of your hand

novelty shot glass

12. Celebrate Shark Week year round while simultaneously keeping those pesky seals out of your glass

funny beer glass

13. Drink dangerously… stare death in the face with the Crystal Skull Shot Glass

funny shot glass

14. Stuck in the nosebleeds? Bring these binoculars along and you’ll have the most fun in the stadium

funny flasks

15. Howl’s Jumbo JELL-O Injector Shots are just what the doctor ordered!

funny shot glasses



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