Our Very Own Howlin’ Pride Superstar

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We’re Proud to present this year’s Pride Houston Superstar, our very own server,  Ashley Hennessy! Apparently, the judges “[did] Wanna Stay” and crown her this  year’s 2011 winner. Check out her performance here. We’re so lucky to have her. When Ashley’s not filling Madison Square Garden (or at least we think she will be one day), she’s working as a Superstar Server at our Howl in Houston.

A little Q & A with our Superstar

Name: Ashley Hennessy

Years at Howl at the Moon: 1!

Howl: Who was your favorite table you’ve waited on and why?

Ashley: Thomas Hasaan. He’s the BEST tipper I’ve ever had, and when he comes in… he just wants to have a good time with people. Strangers or not, he makes people feel like family in there.

Howl: What’s the most original tip you’ve ever received i.e. not  money?

Ashley: Tickets to the rodeo

Howl: Yee Hell yah!

Howl: What’s your favorite show time?

Ashley: Probably the “Time Warp” because the guys have a lot of fun with it. Todd makes me laugh hysterically every time.

Howl: What’s one POLITE “tip” you would like customers to know?

Ashley: Everyone comes to Howl to have a good time, drink, and sing their hearts out. Everyone who works there shows up to do their job and have fun while doing it. If you take care of us, we take care of you!

Howl: Favorite song played at Howl (the one that makes you want to jump on stage and belt it out Tina Turner style.)

Ashely: JUMP. It’s just a feel good song.

Finish this sentence: Alcohol makes the world a better place because… it loosens people up, gives people the “liquid courage” to be a little more outgoing and fun.