Put on Your Dancing Shoes: 20 Best Songs to Dance To

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You know the feeling. Sometimes a song starts and you don’t know what happens to your body, but you lose all control of your limbs and get that sudden, unmistakable urge to dance! Don’t fight it. You will lose. Once the groove has a hold of you, it doesn’t let go. We see it happen every night during our shows and it’s even a goal of our to get as many people as we can on the dance floor (and sometimes on the stage). Plus, it’s good for your body because it’s a form of exercise. It’s science.



Because we are supporters of shaking your groove thing, we thought we’d put together a playlist of the best songs to dance to. You know, in case you’re cleaning the house, doing work, getting ready to go out, burning down the kitchen or whatever. It’s never a bad time to dance. This playlist includes some of our favorite songs to shake it to, currently and of all time. With all-stars like MC Hammer, Beyonce, and Daft Punk, you’ll definitely at least be tapping your feet. At least. We hope we hit on some of your favorites with this one too.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the playlist so you can listen to it again and again! Even if you’re just wiggling in your office chair, moving is better than not moving. Am I right? Plus, a little dancing in your office chair will get you all warmed up to pull a full blown Leo this weekend at Howl at the Moon.



If you have a must-dance favorite that you think we need to add to the best songs to dance to playlist, let us know on our Facebook page! In the meantime, click below to enter to win a free Happy Hour party at your local Howl at the Moon and hear some of these dance hits played live. You’ll even get a chance to show off your skillz on stage. Can you show up our musicians? They practice every night and they are not easily impressed. Let’s see what you got!