8 Reasons Why St. Louis is the Best

Life can be hard when you’re a big city in the Midwest that’s not Chicago. A “fly-over” city? We think not. Even though we’re a good 5 hr drive from Ol’ Windy over there, it can be hard to shake the shadow and convince people that St. Louis is a great city to live, work, and play in its own right. If the other lists haven’t convinced you, maybe this one will.

8 Reasons Why St. Louis is the Best

1. Cost of living.


Do you know what affordable cost of living means? More money to spend on food, drinks, and things. How does that not make us awesome?


2. Little Big City.

St Louis 3

St. Louis is big enough to house a thriving artist community, bars and clubs, public events, and much more, while also being small enough that it’s easy to create a sense of community.


3. Local fare


Between toasted ravioli to the Provel covered pizza from Imo’s, you definitely won’t regret trying some of the local staples. Make sure to finish up with dessert from Ted Drewes frozen custard. You can thank us later.


4. Free Culture


Many of our museums and public spaces are free! That means you can take in centuries of art or checkout wild life for nothing, making them great for fun and affordable date nights. See also, point number 1 again.


5. The St. Louis Brewery gives free tours.


FREE. On weekends. Seriously. Look it up. Is it a wonder that St. Louis was recently named the city for singles? You can go on SO many dates without breaking the bank.


6. 3 a.m. Bars


To Chicago’s measly 2 a.m. bars. We obviously know how to have a good time. This includes your very own Howl at the Moon along with live music Wed-Sat.


7. The Jewel Box in Forest Park


Where else can you enjoy free museums, lush greenery, a zoo, and a gorgeous greenhouse? Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself.

8. Nature


From the magnificent Forest Park to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to hidden trails, it is so easy to escape the city for a while if you’re feeling too congested. Take a day to hang out in the Butterfly House and see what we mean.


Those are just our top reasons for loving St. Louis, but this list could get a lot longer really quick. If you have something that you know we missed, make sure to leave us a comment on our Facebook page and we might just add it in. Come on, share your STL pride with us!


Of course, if you’re looking for a night out in St. Louis, we’re always ready to keep you entertained!

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