Robyn Takes the Stage in Denver

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Howl at the Moon’s introduction to the Rocky Mountains would not have been such a successful celebration if it weren’t for our incredible Denver dueling piano bar staff. We want to especially thank our promotions manager, Robyn Donnellan. Robyn’s energy, positive outlook and hard work make us the luckiest employers in both the Eastern & Western Hemisphere because she is on team Howl! Thank you so much for all that you do. We want to show our appreciation to Robyn by turning the spotlight on her.
Lights, camera, actions…

Howlers, meet Robyn. Guess what her favorite color is?
Name: Robyn Donnellan
Location: Denver Howl
Years working at Howl? 2 months

What’s your favorite thing about your job? Making the Guests happy, and working with my team here of course!

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? Entertainment Tonight or Sports Center Correspondent

What’s the best song you’ve heard our dueling piano players play? Haha.. Derek singing Journey was classic!!

check it out here!

What’s the worst song requests you’ve heard.. Haven’t really heard any bad ones!!

Favorite adult beverage? Raspberry Vodka on a good day, Whiskey on a Bad one!
Favorite color? Green!
Finish this sentence. If a customer wants to make my day they will…Tell me how much fun they are having and that I made them want to come back!
Finish this sentence. I have the biggest crush on Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer Player)
What’s your craziest day at work? Tuesdays!
If you found a $20 on the street what would you with it? If it was in a location to turn it in I would, if it was on the street, pocket it and by myself a treat.. and thank the person that dropped it! ; )
Finish this sentence alcohol makes the world a better place because…It just makes you be able to be a little bit more crazy then you can be the majority of the time!

The other great thing about Robyn is she gets the honor of hooking people up with FREE happy hour parties for up to 100 of your nearest and dearest friends. Click here for you chance to enter to win a free happy hour party.