Salute the Music of the 90’s on Thursday Nights at Howl Denver

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If you long for gems like Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping and have memorized every line of One Week by the Barenaked Ladies, we’ve got just the night for you. Beginning May 2, guests stopping by Howl at the Moon Denver are encouraged to break out your best 90’s attire and prepare for an evening of classic one-hit wonders and ballads belted out all night long. If you need some help drawing up a request list of your own, just check out some of our must-have 90’s Night songs below.

10. Waterfalls | TLC

Back in 1995 when the letters “TLC” described a band and not the home of Honey Boo Boo, the trio of “T-Boz,” “Left Eye,” and “Chilli” were dominating the airwaves thanks to this GRAMMY-nominated hit.



9. Achy Breaky Heart | Billy Ray Cyrus

Released eight months to the day before his daughter, Miley, was born, Billy Ray Cyrus’ 1992 debut forever etched his place in one-hit wonder lore.



8. Wannabe | Spice Girls

The British pop stars brought over many hits from across the pond in 1994 and never looked back. OK, they did eventually fizzle out, but at least things worked out for Posh, AKA Mrs. David Beckham.



7. Hold On | Wilson Phillips

It was popular upon release back in 1990, and in 2011, gained new momentum thanks to its inclusion at the end of the hit comedy, Bridesmaids.



6. Wonderwall | Oasis

There once was a time when brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher got along. And when they did, it resulted in everlasting melodies like this 1995 track.



5. I Want It That Way | Backstreet Boys

We may never truly know what way they actually wanted it, but kudos all the same for captivating fans all over the world back in 1999.



4. Tearin’ Up My Heart | *NSYNC

If the Backstreet Boys are included it’s only fair to mention *NSYNC as well. Plus, who can resist a young Justin Timberlake from 1997?! Exactly.



3. Always Be My Baby | Mariah Carey

A lot has changed since 1996 for the now-Mrs. Nick Cannon and mom of two, but there’s no doubt she still has the pipes to hang with the best of the divas, especially when it comes to hits like this one.



2. MMMBop | Hanson

They may never be able to re-capture the magic that surrounded the success of this 1996 single, but with their 11th album and new tour on the way in 2013, the Hanson brothers continue to find ways to delight fans across the globe.



1. …Baby One More Time | Britney Spears

A lot of things come to mind when thinking of Britney Spears, but few memories compare to her controversial 1998 music video that launched one heck of a topsy-turvy career.



In addition to the tunes, Howl Denver also will be offering some can’t-miss specials each Thursday night from 7 p.m. – Midnight. Guests visiting for 90’s Night can take advantage of $15 bottomless cups of Coors Light and your favorite house cocktails. For the chance to drink for free, just text “90s” to 720.722.1735.