Share Your Party Pics With Howl!

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So, last weekend (or Wednesday night, as it was a rough day for you at work), you snapped pics of you and your friends at Howl like you were paparazzi following Lindsay Lohan. Now what? You can’t possibly frame every single one of them – you have a lot more than one night of memories to capture in pane glass! Well, thanks to Instagram and our tech-savvy marketing team at Howl, you can now share your photos on our website! And the catch is, there is no catch. We just want to give you a chance in the spotlight and see how you HOWL!

If you don’t have access to Instagram, don’t worry, you can still get your space of fame on our website. We’ll give you the simple play-by-play for uploading both ways!


1. Take a photo (or choose an existing one) of you and your posse partying at Howl using the Instagram application
2. When asked for a caption, type in the hashtag #moonme
3. Congratulations, you are on your way to being famous! Go check out your party pic(s) at

*If you are confused, Instagram gives a simple explanation of how to tag your photos using #hashtags.

**Please refrain from actually “mooning” us. It’s been done and believe us, it’s nothing we want to see. Thanks for your cooperation.


1. Go to
2. See the large picture on the left with Guy Fieri staring at you? (By the way he said Howl at the Moon was, “The best bar in America!”) Click the space that says, “Howlin Party Pics! UPLOAD YOUR PHOTOS HERE”

3. Click the turquoise button that says, “CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD PICTURES”
4. Click whichever button your pictures are coming from (Hard Drive, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
5. Congratulations, you are now on your way to being famous, too. Go check out your party pic at

Here are some of the latest photos we have received. Let’s just say people know how to get their Howl on!

Go check them out for yourself,

We’ll see you on the red carpet!