She’s Somebody to Love

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Meet the woman who makes your night at Howl at the Moon. She understands that alcohol makes everybody more interesting and more importantly, better looking! Her job is to quench your thirst and keep the partying rockin’ all night long. At Howl we pride ourselves on hiring fun, interesting people. Basically, we hire the kinds of people you would want to hangout with. If you’d like to work at the World’s Greatest Rock N’ Roll Dueling Piano then click here. Every week we will showcase a different employee. This week meet Celiste, our fabulous bartender from the Howl at the Moon in Chicago.  And she has just one question for you, “Car bomb anyone?”


What’s the most original tip you’ve ever received i.e. not  money?   A t-shirt!

Favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to jump on stage and belt it out Tina Turner style.) Somebody to Love – a la Queen

Least favorite song played at Howl? (the one that makes you want to plug your ears and say lalalalala.) Baby Baby- Beiber, Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus

Who is the coolest person you’ve ever served? Nick

Favorite drink to make Car Bombs!

Favorite drink to drink Coors Light and a shot of Jameson

Do you have different favorite drinks for different seasons? Margaritas in the summer

If you could replace alcohol with water in water fountains, what alcohol would you choose? Ice cold Effen Cucumber

What fictional bartender are you most like? Dee Reynolds

What era do you think had the coolest drinks? Prohibition-they were all dangerous

Finish this sentence alcohol makes the world a better place….. because everybody becomes more interesting and better looking!