The 13 Things That Scare The Crap Out Of Us.

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Monsters, zombies, and vampires; step aside. You’re all as scary as kitten hugs compared to these absolutely dreadful, terrifying things. There’s no escaping the horrors that lie below. Read on if you dare.


The thing that scare the pants off us


1. Forgetting your phone charger as you board a plane









I can’t even right now.


2. Opening up a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls










What the hell do they inject into that can?? Here, you do it!


3. Throwing up












I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I’m going to…..


4. That blast of air they shoot into your eye at the doctors










Just scoop out my eyeballs so I never have to do this again. K thanks.


5. Having to do math without a phone or calculator











2+2, carry the 1, divide by…I’ve gone cross-eyed.


6. Meeting someone then instantly forgetting their name













Hey, yeah nice to meet you too….buddy?


7. Wearing high heels for the first time in like 3 months












Who the hell invented these things? Satan!?


8. Checking your bank account after a long weekend









Where’s the reset button?


9. Accidentally ripping one in yoga class











Aaannd that makes the third yoga studio I can’t be caught seen in again…


10. Driving someone else’s car











Jesus take the wheel!


11. Going to the basement at night













Turning off the lights in 3…2….1….RUN LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING!


12. Getting a call from an unknown number








Someone’s in trouble. Someone got in an accident. I just know it. Oh no, what happened? Hello? Oh hi. Yes I did want to confirm my reservation for tomorrow night.


13. Using jumper cables













Can’t you just buy another car?

Okay, these are more first world problems, but scary none the less! If you want more scares, check out our Howl-0-Ween party!