Tips on Getting Howl at the Moon Bartenders to Notice You

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Answer: Get to know them first!
At Howl we pride ourselves on hiring fun, interesting people. Basically, we hire the kinds of people you would want to hangout with. If you’re interested in joining our staff please email  Every Friday we will showcase a different employee. This week meet Sarah Brooks, a bartender at the Howl at the Moon in Kansas City.

Name: Sarah Brooks

Years working at Howl at the Moon: 3 years

Favorite drink to make? Any Martini

Your shift is over, what are you drinking? Water, vodka and water or red wine

Bachelorettes are screaming for a round of shots, what are you making them? Blow Jobs

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at Howl at the Moon? A girl flashing the piano players

What’s the most original tip you’ve ever received i.e. not money? Sincere job offers

Have you served any celebrities before? A few Chiefs’ players, KU basketball players and Bill Self

If you could replace a cocktail with water in water fountains, what would you choose? Probably Firefly and water or cherry limeade since it would be just as refreshing as water.

If you aren’t bartending, what are you doing? Working out

What’s the worst pick up line you’ve heard while working? It takes a lot to shock me anymore but one of the cheesy ones was something along the lines of “is your mother an angel because you came form heaven.”

Finish this sentence: Alcohol makes the world a better place because it allows people to open up.