Top 5 Songs of the…

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90s!!! So… since we already did the top 80s hits, now it’s time for the 90s! Here are VH1’s Top Songs:

1) Nirvana- “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
2) U2- “One”
3) Backstreet Boys- “I Want it That Way”
4) Whitney Houston- “I Will Always Love You”
5) Madonna- “Vogue”

Now…. In my opinion, U2’s “One” should have been #1. Love the band, love their songs and Bono sure knows how to keep rockin’ as the years go by. U2 actually did a remake of this original song featuring Mary J. Blige in 2006. But here is one of their original music videos from the 90s of “One”.. Enjoy!

U2- "One"