Top Featured Items in Foxborough Drinks Menu

May 24, 2017

You might have seen the top featured items in Foxborough’s food menu, but now it is time to take a look at the top featured items in our drinks menu.

If you’re looking for a perfect summer drink that will quench your thirst, our hurricane bowl will do just that. It is literally a hurricane in your mouth, and once it hits your bloodstream you become a hurricane on the dance floor! One of our fabulous bartenders can create the cocktail in our one of a kind 18 oz. frozen schooner or if you are up for some adventure, you can have it in our 24 oz. ‘Howl at the Moon’ pin.

Party room

Whether you come to Howl Splitsville after a summer concert, before a Patriots game or just to relax, we have the perfect blend of cocktails for you and your friends. The hurricane bowl along with many others like our blueberry lemonade bowl, and sangria bowl along with many new items that we added, will keep you wanting more! These delicious beverages are a perfect way to say goodbye to the bad weather and great summer with a hello.

Party Venues

Howl Splitsville is luxury bowling alley and live music bar located in Foxborough at Patriot Place. We host birthday parties, corporate events and so much more. Be sure to check out all we have to offer, and book your next party at our venue today. For more information, please call us at 508-698-2695 today.

Corporate events

Hurricane Bowl ingredients:
Light rum, dark rum, pineapple, orange juice, cranberry juice, topped with a floater of 151.

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