10 Truths About Back to School When You’re in College

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Okay, it’s September and you’re gearing up for the back-to-school craziness along with the rest of them, but you’re in college now and going back to school doesn’t have the same meaning it used to.  Back in grade school and high school, the start of the school year was almost exciting. You’d get new school supplies, new teachers, and you’d get to see all your friends again – yay! Now, you’re heading back to your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th year of college and new school supplies means hundreds of dollars in textbook debt, you’re rotating through the same 5 teachers in your department, and you have no classes with your friends. Let’s just say the whole “back to school” thing has lost it’s allure a bit. Take a look at some of the truths we put together about that going back to school when you’re in college.

1. You wish school supply shopping still looked like this:


But it doesn’t and it never will again because you’ve spent all your money tuition, books, and booze. There is none left for sparkly notebooks. Plus, everyone will judge you.


2. Dressing up for the first day of school now looks like this:


Sometimes you put on jeans, if you’re feeling fancy.


4. You get to pick your own classes, so you think you’ll do really great and be super interested in the class material! And then you realize that it’s not what you expected and it’s only 9:15 am


Oh, the struggle. Only 15 weeks left. You can do it! You need this class to graduate, finally.


5. Two words: buying textbooks


If you didn’t dread the words “Required Reading” before, you will now.


6. You will understand the lesson in class, but then wait until before the next class to do the homework and nothing will make sense.


UGH! You said you wouldn’t procrastinate this time!


7. Freshman wandering around campus are very obvious and they make you feel old.


They never know where they’re going and they always get in your way.


8. Making friends is not as easy as it used to be. Everyone is busy and flaky and you end up missing your high school friends anyway.


You better join a club or greek life or start liking the people on your dorm floor if you don’t go to school close to home.


9.  You will eat in class often out of necessity and you will not care what anyone else thinks.


No eating or drinking in class? Yea, right.


10. Most of all, remember that you are not alone.


Somewhere in a deep, dark corner of the library are other souls who suffer as you do. You can make it!

Of course, you’ll enjoy Friday night like never before and take advantage of it! It’ll be Monday before you know it and then it starts all over again. We suggest stopping by Howl at the Moon to dance, sing, and howl some of that stress away. You’ll wake up Saturday morning like a different person. Check your local Howl at the Moon to see if your club does a college night. If it does, grab that college I.D. and waive it proudly! We got you.