The 10 Worst Types of Drunk People

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Happy Friday! When you go out on the weekend trying to have a good time, nothing is worse than having to look out for a drunk friend. In order to have the best time possible this weekend, try to steer clear of the 10 worst types of drunk people, but more importantly try not to become one!

the drunk who gets existential

existential drunk

Hi, I’m drunk. This is the perfect time for a deep conversation

the vommy drunk


When lost, this person can typically be found with their head in the toilet or upchucking in the alley behind the bar. But don’t worry, they’ll likely be back for more. #neverendingcycle

The Depressing Drunk


One minute you’re laughing and having the best of times, the next your drinking buddy is uncontrollably sobbing. This person may be crying relationship, family issues, job, etc, but they are most likely crying over absolutely nothing.

The drunk dialer


Because everyone likes to be called at 3AM to hear incomprehensible yelling.

The make out bandit


Sexual orientation goes out the window (as does all self-respect) when the Make Out Bandit is on the prowl, seeking to make out with anyone with lips.

The drunk in denial


“I’m not even drunk, if I was drunk could I do this?”

The Spiller


Always keep a 3 foot radius…

The loud drunk



This drunk thinks they are a lot more exciting then the average person, so their voice must be at a level 110 decibels louder than everyone else at all times.

The sleepy drunk


This drunk is kicked out of the bar around 11PM for falling asleep on the couch outside the bathroom.

the aggressive drunk


This person wanted to start something from the second the booze hit his or her lips. Steer clear, or get head butted.

dueling piano bar