Winter is for Drinking

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Winter is on its way along with cascading temperatures. Howl at the Moon wants to keep you warm, dry and jolly all winter long. The first winter freeze can be numbing and hard to swallow so we suggest coming in for a Skinny Tea to remind you of warm summer days. Trust us this drink goes down a little too easily. Follow with a shot of Plum-A-Kazi and you’ll be ready to take on whatever weather winter blows your way. (Try saying that three times fast!)

Once the winter chill has taken permanent residence, come huddle around our Howl hearth otherwise known as our Fruit Roll Up bucket. With straws to share, you’ll be able to snuggle up with friends and loved ones.

As far as a winter wardrobe goes, our version of the perfect cashmere sweater is the Boston Cream-Tini and it’s best enjoyed when shared with cute company.  Don’t worry if you forget your boots, after a couple of Elvis Bombs you won’t be feeling your toes anyways.

If you want to keep you and 100 of your best friends happy all winter long: Click Here