Your Perfect Song Request

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We understand, making the perfect song request can be very challenging– even daunting. You want to choose a song, but not just any song– the right song.  Your song! But there are sooo many songs out there.  How to choose?  And that blank request form starring back at you is no help at all. Have no fear, Howl at the Moon’s here to guide you because, after all, our dueling piano players actually want to play “your song!”

Take our quiz and discover the hidden song inside of you that’s dying to be played.

Your dance style is:

A. Coordinated and you’ve got your own signature dance moves

B. Free flowing- you let the music move you

C. Spastics, but in the best way possible

Your ultimate favorite song just came on the radio, you:

A. Sing silently to yourself while starring out the window- dancing is more your thing

B. Smile and sing

C. Belt it out like it’s your own personal “hit song” while fist pumping to the beat

Fashion Trends:
A. You’re always ahead of what’s hot

B. You appreciate new trends but you prefer classic styles

C. You like to express yourself through style and always enjoy a little spandex

It’s cocktail hour, what are you ordering?

A. Skinny Tea made with Firefly Skinny Tea and Peach Schnapps (Only 100 calories)

B. Blue Moon Belgium White Ale

C.   Sharing a Adios Mofo bucket of Long Island Iced Tea Mix, Blue Curacao with your ladies

*if these drink choices made your salivate a little, you can find them on Howl’s drink menu by clicking here

Tally up the number of times your chose each letter



Mostly A’s: You’re Miss “It” Girl

“We Found Love” by Rihanna

Mostly B’s: You’re a classic Miss “America Honey” who just wants to rock out to  “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mostly C’s: You’re Miss “Life of the Party” Girl who loves Center Stage and you’re dying to belt out “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles

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