3 Favorite Drinks Customers Always Order

November 20, 2018

The best thing about spending a night out at Howl at the Moon is that no matter what your favorite flavors are, our bartenders are always pouring incredible drinks that can make you howl. Some cocktails are constantly being ordered at our bars — and making people come back up for round after round! These perfect drinks go hand-in-hand with our unbelievable dueling pianos show, creating the perfect recipe to get you and your crew howlin’ all night!

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Island Cooler

The first drink on our list takes you to a tropical paradise far away. Dive into the Island Cooler bucket and prepare to float on every sip of Don Q Coconut Rum and Cruzan Spiced Rum meshed with Monin Hawaiian Island, lemon sour, fresh lime, orange, pineapple. Paradise doesn’t have to come alone, however! Share the Island cooler bucket with your crew for a destination vacation unlike any other.

Passion Paloma

Let’s sweeten this night up and get things passionate! Howl at the Moon’s Passion Paloma bucket makes every guest who takes a sip feel alive and take in the night like never before. 1800 Silver Tequila is matched with Monin Passionfruit, fresh lime, and Q Grapefruit Soda to create a simple-yet-divine way for you to celebrate your heart out — it’s a taste you’ll definitely want to share the passion at your table!

Adios MOFO

When you’re partying at Howl, you know there’s no time for messing around. That’s where our Adios MOFO bucket comes into the picture! This potent mix of SKYY vodka, Cruzan rum, Jose Cuervo Especial tequila, Pinnacle gin, blue curacao, lemon sour, and lemon-lime is the key to letting loose and enjoying the ultimate celebration at Howl. The 86 oz. bucket is even our most-spotted drink on the dance floor and atop plenty of tables — guaranteeing we will have you howlin’ ‘til you say “adios!”

Live Music

Howl at the Moon is the nation’s ultimate destination for unforgettable nights out and awesome parties and events. Plenty of space to celebrate is available at every one of our 15 locations and we bring the energy to every huge night with a dynamic dueling pianos show featuring your favorite hit songs and the crowd’s best requests on two baby grand pianos. We’ll get the excitement even higher by bring more musicians to the stage on guitar, drums, and more, creating a live music experience like none other! All the while, Howl’s bartenders are serving up a wide selection of beers, cocktails, shots and more, plus semi-private and private events can add unbelievable amenities and catering options to their space as well. Howl at the Moon is the ultimate destination for unforgettable nights out of any kind.

Event Venue

Howl at the Moon can host amazing birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, holiday parties and more.

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