5 Reasons Live Music is The Best

December 29, 2020

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Sure, jukeboxes are great because they usually have everything you want to listen to and if you spend enough money, you can set a playlist for the whole bar all night; but there are certain ways that a jukebox cannot compare with a real, live band performing on a stage right before your eyes (or buckets of booze, in this case). Yes, we might be a little biased since we are a live music venue and all, but really we probably know best. Between super talented musicians that play a live, request-driven show all night and a large selection of specialty cocktails, we think we know a thing or two about what makes live music bars awesome.

Live music bars

1. The band can interact with you.
Forget lamely bobbing your head along with the music. That’s boring! When you are at a live show, the band talks to you, yells at you, and sings along with you. YOU are part of the show. YOU are part of the experience. Take that, jukebox.

2. You can interact with the band.
You feed off of each other’s energy. The more energized the band is the more you dance and the more you dance the more energized the band is. It is a high-energy, dance-filled loop that always wins.

3. It fills the awkward silence.
This is something music over the stereo cannot do because it is still awkward if you and another person are sitting and staring at each other listening to what is playing above your heads. If you are in an awkward conversation, you can easily distract yourself by watching the band perform.

4. Everyone sings along
5. Takes the pressure off

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