8 Reasons Living in San Antonio Rocks

November 8, 2023

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Whatever you think you know about San Antonio, think again. We are about to you why the people who live in this great city of ours are some of the happiest people around! If you are looking to make a move or looking for a cool city to visit, we can definitely be your town. If you need convincing, keep reading!

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1. The history

If you are a history buff, then you know San Antonio has its fair share of history. It is not the Alamo that brings hoards of tourists with their cameras, but the National Historical Park as well as loads of other historical sites.

2. Diverse neighborhoods and affordable cost of living

Every neighborhood in San Antonio is like it’s own mini city, making the the city as whole incredibly diverse and interesting to explore! It also makes anyone who lives here feel like they’re living in a small town, but getting the whole big city experience. We would say that’s a bonus. Also, the average prices of buying a home or renting are well below the standard for a big city. Average price of a home? $280,376. And you can rent a for about $875 on average and you won’t be living in a closet like in New York.

3. We love our military and they love us back

Not only are the military that are stationed here happy to be in San Antonio, because of the respect this city has for them, they also often take time out to give back to the community. San Antonio also is not where the military comes to train, it is also where it comes to heal. The San Antonio Military Medical Center holds the country’s only Military Burn Center and the physicians at the center have become some of the best around in dealing with patients with PTSD.

4. The weather ain’t half bad

You hear us up there in the North? While you’re shoveling out your cars, we will be over here sipping on margaritas on an outdoor patio in a warm sweater.

5. There’s always something to do

Because the weather ain’t half bad, there are public events and gatherings to attend pretty much every night of the week. San Antonio loves being out! For example, on Sundays you can get free admission to The San Antonio Museum of Art from 10 AM to noon, on Mondays start the week off at a free Fitness in the Park Bootcamp, available at multiple locations in the morning or evening, and on the first Friday of the month we celebrate First Fridays with gallery opening and art events all around the city.

6. Fiesta San Antonio

If you don’t believe that San Antonio likes to party, you have to come down for Fiesta San Antonio! Every spring, around Mardi Gras, Fiesta San Antonio takes over the city for 11 days with parades, events and celebrations.

7. The San Antonio Spurs

It’s a lifestyle. If you move here, you have to learn to live it.

8. The Riverwalk (Home to yours truly, Howl at the Moon San Antonio!)

Lined with restaurants, hotels, shops and gorgeous trees, the San Antonio Riverwalk attracts lots of people every year because it is a beautiful place to spend the day. You can even take a river boat tour down it and see all the sights from the best vantage point. Of course, it is also where Howl at the Moon has made its home and we could not be any happier! We love to host all kinds of events: bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties corporate events, holiday parties and so much more. For more information about Howl, please give us a call today at 210-212-4770 or you can email us at sanantonio@howlatthemoon.com. Ask us about reserving a table.


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