9 Things That Happen When Planning a Bachelorette Party

July 28, 2018

The big day is coming. Your BFFs, your closest friend, your gal pal for the ages is getting married and you have to put together one unforgettable bachelorette party. What do you do? First of all, we recommend not panicking. However, we understand that bachelorette party planning is no easy task and it won’t be smooth sailing the whole way; and if it is, you are a lucky jerk; please email us all your secrets.

So to prepare you for what’s to come, here’s a quick guide to the emotional roller coaster that is bachelorette party planning!

1. You will freak out.

It’s natural. Don’t fight it. Struggling will only make it worse.

2. You will hate everyone in the bridal party.

Sometimes this is temporary. Sometimes it’s not. Either way, you better brush off your “I don’t really hate you face” because you’re going to be stuck with these people until the wedding, whether you like it or not.

3. You will change your mind about the theme 209347235y9865207420487249872 times.

Yes, that’s a scientific estimate. But you’ll end up sticking with your first idea, because, let’s face it, it was the best one. (Go you!)

4. You will spend some time screaming at an email screen.

Whether it’s the bridal party, the hotel, or the venue, you will hate the responses of most of the people you talk to and this sometimes leads to screaming at inanimate objects. Sometimes it’s inner screaming, which is just as fierce and scary.

5. Nothing will go as planned.

Oh, you have the idea for a perfect bachelorette party? Oh, great. Those plans look so pretty being thrown out the window. Everyone has an opinion about everything. You just gotta deal with it and be flexible.

6. You will freak out.

Why is this so hard?

7. You will spend a lot of money while waiting to be reimbursed.

Yep, you will submit a budget to the team and request payment in advance, but guess what? You’re the one trying to book a room, venue, limo, etc. Not them. Your urgency does not matter to anyone but you and your wallet.

8. You will second guess every thing.

Uhh…did the bride-to-be say she did not want strippers because she was serious or because she wants to be surprised? WHAT AM I DOING?!

9. You will be so happy when it all comes together and the bride loves it!

Because that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Now you can sit back and sip on your drink because you did all the heavy lifting and you deserve it. Go you!

Sound like more stress than you can handle? Don’t worry! Make it easy on yourself and book a bachelorette party package at Howl at the Moon! We have drinks, live music, plenty of dancing and everything else you could want for your BFF’s last night out. Once you are booked, all you have to worry about it the theme. Could we make it any easier?

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