Love Sux: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

January 6, 2014

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Rather get a root canal than suffer through another Valentine’s Day? Unfortunately, February 14th is coming whether you like it or not. Yes, it s that dreaded time of the year when smug couples parade around town exchanging mass-produced sentiments and shoving their fairytale romance down your throat. Instead of sitting on the couch moping with the only men you’ve ever truly loved (Ben & Jerry), we are inviting singles nationwide to band together in solidarity for our 9th annual Love Sux Party, an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

On Friday, February 14th, bring your friends to Howl at the Moon for our Anti-Valentines Day Party! Exchange bad date stories with your friends, sip on our “Ex-Boyfriend” cocktail, and forget about the couples and their sappy relationships for a fun, singles evening. Couples who aren’t up for a Hallmark Valentine’s Day are welcome to join the Love Sux Party as well!

While this is the night to be single, it’s by no means an “I’m single pity party”. This is an uprising and triumph, a cynical celebration! Get rowdy! Bring in a mutilated photo of your ex for a special offer (listed below)! We’ll have sardonic Anti-Valentine’s games with $500 in cash and prizes.

In February, you cannot turn on the radio without a DJ advising you to order flowers and teddy bears before playing a seemingly endless playlist of mushy-gushy love ballads. Our talented musicians always look forward to our Love Sux Party because they get their chance to drown out the sap with a setlist of Anti-Valentine’s Day songs that will get you dancin! From hit-the-road-Jack tracks to love-is-for-assholes anthems, our live music show will be rockin to warm up your hard little heart!

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