Best Places to Buy Ugly Holiday Sweaters

November 28, 2017

‘Tis the season! If you are gearing up for your favorite, yearly Ugly Christmas Sweater party (ours, obviously) and you do not want everyone to see you in last year’s atrocity, because you know they will remember it, pick up a new one from our list below! Luckily for us, the Internet is a wonderful portal where all kinds of weird exists. So, your wish to stock up on the ugliest of ugly holiday sweaters can be granted! Check out the best places to buy ugly holiday sweaters below:

Tipsy Elves


If your Christmas cardigan is not covered in one-eyed gingerbread men and pom poms, then we feel sorry for you. You can correct that with this fancy holiday cardigan from Tipsy Elves. There are also tons of other options if patchwork is not your thing. You know, like Centaur Claus or, our personal favorite, the Romantic Sasquatch.


If you’re looking for an excuse to have strangers touch you all night, we found it! Of course, you can DIY this option if you have the heart to rip a stuffed reindeer in half (you heartless animal). Otherwise, you can pick this one up and many others at Oh, and it’s unisex!


The Sweater Store


Is Chanukah your holiday? Show it off with a light-up menorah sweater! You will definitely be lit in this one – literally; but if lights on your shirt are not your thing, there are still plenty of options at The Sweater Store!


Vintage on Etsy


There’s nothing like the original! If you can’t find the perfect vintage ugly Christmas sweater in your grandma’s closet, then there’s one place you definitely will – Etsy. Etsy sellers live for finding you the ugliest of sweaters, but don’t forget that they’re one-of-a-kind, so pick it up before someone else does!

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