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March 3, 2020

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The biggest celebrations in Kansas City require the best venue the city has to offer. Howl at the Moon brings private parties and events of all kinds to their peak, ready to rock your crowd with an unbelievable live music show paired with a great selection of drinks and plenty of customizable space for you to set the perfect atmosphere. No matter the occasion for your private event, we are ready to get your crowd howlin’ like never before!

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With plenty of ways to celebrate an outstanding night with your guests, the best private event space in Kansas City is Howl at the Moon. Semi-private and private celebrations can customize our venue with awesome amenities, from step-and-repeat photo stations to custom-named cocktails and much more.

Once the scene is set at the best private event space in Kansas City, it is time to turn your attention to the bar. Howl at the Moon keeps our shelves stocked with a great variety of beers and the perfect liquors to create our signature shots, cocktails and wild 86 oz. buckets — the perfect way to top every table or bring with you to the dance floor. Howl Kansas City can even assemble all of your guests’ favorite drinks into a package so everybody stays thrilled while sipping throughout the night.

All that is left to make this night at Howl at the Moon unforgettable is some outstanding entertainment. Our musicians rock Howl Kansas City’s stage with every performance, bringing a dynamic live music show filled with hit songs and the crowd’s best request to the next level. Once your crowd is rocking hard enough, we will take things up even another notch with more musicians joining the stage on guitars, drums and more to create a live music experience unlike any other. Make this celebration unforgettable and head to the best private event space in Kansas City, Howl at the Moon.

Located in the Kansas City Power & Light District, Howl at the Moon can host birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events. Book your party today.

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