Big Batch Cocktail Recipes For Your Next Party

December 30, 2023

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When hosting a family party or a big gathering, you do not want to be stuck in the kitchen making cocktails for everyone all night. Unless, you love playing bartender, then have at it; but if you are like most of us, putting out a punch bowl with something delicious is an easy solution. Good thing there are tons of tasty big batch cocktail recipes out there so you can pour in your bottle, add your mixer and call it a day. We love easy around here.

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Evening in Kingston

Hey, if your party guests are not into a punch bowl full of 4 different kinds of booze with a refreshing sparkle, you are probably throwing the wrong kind of party. This is probably the closest, much classier equivalent of jungle juice – in the best way possible!

Chilled Cider Punch

Because cider is good year-round, but unless it’s the holidays, you might not necessarily want to drink it warm. Vola! This chilled cider punch recipe is here for the rescue.

Maple Bourbon Apple Cider

This recipe serves two, but is so simple to put together that you can easily pull up that calculator on your phone and make it bigger. Much bigger. Maple Bourbon Apple Cider forever!

Cranberry Orange Sangria

This simple sangria recipe still gets you all those tangy and fruity flavors making it savory, sweet, and delicious! It’s going to be a guaranteed party favorite.

Punch Parker

Oh yes, this Prosecco punch is deceptively boozy. Perfect for parties, but not light drinkers. You might want to pair this punch with a sparkling wine option too.

Of course, if you are not one for hosting parties or making your own drinks, that is what we are here for! Anything from corporate events to bachelorette parties to bachelor parties, holiday parties, and even wedding receptions! We have done it all and we are fantastic and whipping up tasty party punches. Don’t hesitate to call your local Howl at the Moon to find out more about semi-private and private party options, because, we get it, party planning and cleaning up after is a headache. Good thing we enjoy it!

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