Rainbow Cocktail and Appetizer Recipes – Celebrate with Everything Rainbow!

June 2, 2016

Themed parties are the best! Nothing makes a party more exciting and interactive than everyone getting together around a theme (well maybe booze is more exciting). Rainbow everything has become a popular trend sweeping parties across the nation. From rainbow cakes to rainbow cocktails, if it can be made in a rainbow scheme, it has been. Check out these rainbow cocktail, shot and appetizer recipes next time you want to throw the most colorful party on the block!


Rainbow Cocktail and Appetizer Recipes That Will Lead Your Party to a Pot o’ Gold!

Rainbow of Shots

Rainbow Jello Shots - How To

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? One of the more impressive bartender tricks is to perform the rainbow of shots! Perfecting this pour may take some practice, but at least you can be your own guinea pig and drink all of the mess-ups. Get this shot rainbow down and you will be dazzling all of your guests!


Rainbow Jello Shots

rainbow jello shot recipe

Jello shots are a party classic. They are easy to make in bulk, can be made in a variety of flavors that will appeal to everybody, and it’s always fun to watch people make out with a plastic shot glass in attempts to release their boozy gelatin treat. These slanted rainbow jello shots are absolutely gorgeous and put a fun twist on the standard jello shot.


Florida Sunrise Cocktail


Every party should have at least one group cocktail available for everyone (besides the keg of Natty Light out back that is). This cocktail is a play on the ever-popular Tequila Sunrise. Ditch your tequila and grab the rum with this fun Florida Sunrise cocktail. You can even top it with a little grenadine to cover the full spectrum of colors!


Unicorn Popcorn

Rainbow Popcorn Recipe

Now that your guests have ample amounts of booze to drink, perhaps it’s time to supply them with some food so your house doesn’t end up looking like a unicorn ate a laxative. We’ve all had caramel corn and cheesy popcorn before, but what about rainbow popcorn? This unicorn popcorn recipe will help you get your party poppin’!


Rainbow Salsa


No good party is complete without some salsa. It doesn’t matter what kind of salsa it is, it just needs to be there to let your guests know, we’re here to party, but definitely make sure you snack! This rainbow salsa recipe is a treat for the eyes and the tummy.


Rainbow Cauliflower Crust Pizza


Yeah, you read that right, this pizza has a cauliflower crust (and if you haven’t tried it before, it is AMAZING)! Not only is this a much healthier pizza alternative, but is fabulous to look at and to scarf down. Check out this rainbow cauliflower crust pizza and your guests will be in awe.


Mini Rainbow Fruit Tacos

Mini Fruit Taco recipe

Am I the only one that is a sucker for anything miniature? Didn’t think so. These sweet dessert tacos are extremely satisfying and easy to make so you can spend more of your time practicing your rainbow of shots. Get the recipe for these mini rainbow fruit tacos at Sugar Dish Me.


Rainbow Layer Cake

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe

Last, but definitely not least, the “if Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker had a super-baby, it would be me” of appearing to know how to bake well. This gorgeous multi-layered cake may look like it would be so difficult you go Gallagher all over the finished project, but step back from the sledge hammer and grab your forks because this rainbow layer cake is simple to bake.


Ready for some cocktails, appetizers, and desserts that don’t make you taste the rainbow? Come by Howl at the Moon and we’ll make you a bucket of booze with only half of a rainbow in it. Enter below to win a Happy Hour party for you and your friends!


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