Coffee Cocktails to Feed Your Caffeine Addicted Life

September 14, 2023

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As all true coffee lovers know, October 1st is International Coffee Day! Which means you can have a valid excuse to be caffeinated all day long – not that many of us aren’t already, but hey. To take you from your morning to evening coffee buzz, we found these coffee cocktail recipes that must be tried!

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Iced Coffee Cocktail

Alright, let’s start this off easy. Coffee makes most things better, this is a known fact, so it is pretty easy to make a coffee cocktail. This coffee cocktail recipe is perfect in its simplicity.  Cold brew coffee + flavored vodka = one hell of a way to spend the afternoon.

Tipsy Coffee

Another great, simple recipe to learn by heart. Get to the store and stock up on Irish Whiskey, dark brown sugar, and light cream because we think this Tipsy Coffee is about to become your new signature drink.

Iced Coffee Rum Kicker

If you’re more of a rum drinker, then we’ve got the recipe for you. Because who would ever think that coffee and rum don’t go good together? Grab the full iced coffee cocktail recipe at Lynsey Loves Food.

White Russian Cinnamon Coffee

Vodka, cold brew, cinnamon coffee and heavy cream intertwine to make the most magical flavors in your mouth. It is true. You will have to make this coffee cocktail recipe yourself at home and let us know if we’re right.

Dark Moon Cocktail

Not only does this recipe have coffee, rum, and heavy cream, but it tosses in a dash Coke too (the kind with real sugar, duh). Now if this cold coffee cocktail doesn’t impress your friends, it’s probably time to find new friends. Just sayin’.

Dublin Iced Coffee

You had me at stout and whiskey. This coffee cocktail evokes images of a cabin in the woods and warm fire after a long day of chopping wood and perhaps building a fence. You like it. Get the recipe for all your lumberjack friends.

Midnight Mule

Okay so we may be cheating a little bit with this one since it only uses a coffee stout and not actual coffee, but it’s a twist on a new classic so we had to toss it in. Try out the recipe and let us know if you prefer it to the classic mule!

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